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About us

We work with lawyers and a range of organisations to give our students a head start in their legal career.

We provide them with the opportunity to work on real cases, providing an important service to our local community while developing skills in client care, legal research, writing and public speaking.

What we've accomplished

Since our launch in 2006, our portfolio of work has developed immeasurably. This is in part due to the enthusiasm of our staff and students but also as a result of the increasing need for free legal assistance in an era of cuts.

Despite the significant challenges we face, we have helped many people over the years.

To date, our students have:

  • helped overturn two convictions at the Court of Appeal through their work as part of Cardiff University Innocence Project
  • reclaimed thousands of pounds for individuals and/or families who have wrongly paid private nursing home fees
  • supported vulnerable adults at police stations
  • developed tool kits for family members, support workers and advocates of those living with learning disabilities in Wales.

Who takes part

All of this work is made possible through the hard work and time given by:

Undertaking Pro Bono work builds upon things you may have learnt in a lecture theatre and puts them into practice.

Madeleine Semple Law and Politics LLB, Volunteer on the Joint Enterprise Appeals Project

Linking our work to programmes and research

Pro bono schemes are often considered to be extra-curricular activities, separate from students’ assessed modules and academics’ research activities.

We seek to break down these divisions and link our pro bono work to the taught and assessed elements of our Law programmes and the research that is being carried out within the School.

In 2018, a number of our pro bono schemes were converted into assessed modules. Students now have the opportunity to study clinical legal education modules that include 'Law in the Community' and 'Miscarriages of Justice: Cardiff University Innocence Project' and experience partnership working with the Support Through Court scheme, Victim Support, and the Welsh Rugby Union.