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Welsh language opportunities

We aim to strengthen pharmaceutical services in the Welsh language by developing our Welsh medium provision in the School as unique HE providers of the subject in Wales.

Continuing to expand and develop this provision is essential to raise awareness of future pharmacists about the importance of the Welsh language in healthcare in Wales. It also helps to ensure that our front line services meet the needs of Welsh speakers, their families and their carers in line with the Welsh Assembly Government’s Strategic Framework for Welsh language Services in Health, Social Services and Social Care in Wales.

Please note that this provision is mainly aimed at Welsh language speakers.

Health, social services and social care focus on caring for people as individuals and placing the user at the centre of that care. These sectors must recognise that many people can only communicate their needs for care effectively through the medium of Welsh and services have a responsibility to meet these needs.

More than Words: Welsh Assembly Government Strategic Framework

On location

Pharmacy as a discipline focuses on the needs of the patients and our degree structure reflects this rationale. The curriculum includes core scientific subjects and therapy integrated with clinical practices. A range of teaching methods are used for our Welsh medium provision including lectures, tutorials and practical sessions.

Theory work will be refined on location; in the community, in hospital environments and other locations. This provides students with the opportunities to communicate and interact with patients and other healthcare professionals on location. This is a key part of learning and also gives an accurate portrayal of the expectations of the profession. Where possible, students will be offered the opportunity to undertake their location placements in the Welsh medium.

Watch a video with English subtitles of Welsh speaking Lecturers and Students in our Schools of Medicine, Healthcare and Pharmacy discussing the advantages of using Welsh in their professions.

Advantages of bilingualism

The opportunity to study elements of the Pharmacy course in the Welsh language can be greatly advantageous for the prospective bilingual Pharmacist. For students keen to join the Welsh Health Service, the ability to act professionally and knowledgeably in both Welsh and English languages can improve employability prospects.

Cardiff University offers a 4 year MPharm undergraduate degree. The degree is accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council as a valid pathway for entry into the profession. The School of Pharmacy is considered one of the best in the UK and is consistently amongst the top in national league tables. A strong academic degree and the School’s good name will contribute greatly towards a graduate’s future success in the field.

For further information please contact the Welsh language tutor:

Wyn Davies