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Dr Muhammad Mansur Ali

Dr Muhammad Mansur Ali

Lecturer in Islamic Studies

School of History, Archaeology and Religion

+44 (0)29 2087 6297
5.08, John Percival Building

Research interests

I have two main research interests: Hadith Studies and Practical Theology. By Practical Theology, I mean making sense of the world we live in through the lens of Islamic theology (Ilm al-Kalam). How can Muslims have a meaningful religious experience in a predominantly secular society? What psychological impact has modernity has had on the lives of Muslims in the West? An offshoot of this is to look at religious leadership (chaplains, imams) in the British Muslim community. Furthermore, using tools developed in Ilm al-Kalam as well as Usul al-Fiqh, I research modern issues such as Islamic bio-medical ethics.

I am willing to supervise any PhD theses on: Hadith, Muslim chaplaincy, Islamic leadership, Islamic bio-medical ethics.

Research projects

“Our Bodies Belong to God: The Human Transplantation Act 2013 and Cardiff Muslims’ response to it.” Cardiff University Engagement and Impact funding.

Muslim Chaplaincy Project (AHRC/ESRC)

Conference papers

2016: Modern-traditional Islamic studies in the UK:  Ebrahim College and the revival of the Ma’qulat Sciences, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in contemporary Islamic Studies, 5th SOASCIS international conference, Darussalam, Brunei. May 2016

2016: ‘Praying With, Praying For and Praying on Patients: Towards a Muslim Practical Theology in Chaplaincy’, 1st International Congress on Spiritual care and counselling, Istanbul University, Turkey. (April 2016)

2016: Muslim Chaplains between the private and the public sphere, Referat Forum Berlin der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Hiroshimastraße, Berlin, Germany (April 2016)

2015: ‘How do we know the Prophet said it? Hadith commentary as polemic in post-colonial India: a study of al-Uthmani’s I’la al-Sunan’, British Association of Islamic Studies Second Annual Conference, University of London, Senate House, April 2015

2014: ‘British Imams in Chaplaincy: Working at the interface of ‘public’ and ‘private’’, Imams in Western Europe Conference, LUISS and JCU, Rome, November 2014

2014: ‘More than bosom friends: British Muslims and milk banks’ , British Association of Islamic Studies Inaugural Conference, May 2014

2013: ‘Is the British Weather Un-Islamic?: Prayer times, authority and technology’, Shari’ah Project Conference, Exeter University, April 2013

Public-facing Publications

2014: Al-Arba'in of Ahmad Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani - Forty Hadiths from Forty Companions Through Forty Shuyukh, edited and annotated by Mansur Ali, (London: Turath Publishing, 2014)

2014: Qawa'id Fi Ulum al-Hadith (Principles of Hadith), edited and annotated by Mansur Ali and Shamsudduha, (London: Turath Publishing, 2014)

In press: The Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence by Ash-Shashi (Usul Ash-Shashi), translation and commentary by Mansur Ali, (London: Turath Publishing, forthcoming 2016)

2015: Review: Refuting ISIS: A Rebuttal of Its Religious and Ideological Foundations, by Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, (Sacred Knowledge press, 2015), £6.95, 2015,

2012: ‘They Are Your Garments And You Are Theirs: Marital Relation and the Metaphor of the Garment Reflections on surat –al-Baqara 2:187’ 2012,

Impact Activities

  • Citizens Commission on Islam, Participation and Public Life. The Cardiff ‘Hearing’ took place on Wednesday 11th November, with a submission made by Mansur Ali.
  • Frequent show on British Muslim TV (Ask the Alim show)
  • Friday imam in local mosque in Cardiff, Dar ul-Isra
  • Pastoral carer and marriage counsellor in the community
  • Muslim Council of Wales, iLead leadership training instructor
  • Cardiff Prevent stake holder group, former head of its education faction
  • Oxford, Cambridge and RSA (OCR) exam board: Religious studies consultant
  • Citizen’s UK (Wales) branch activist in collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Islami in the UK at Cardiff University

Dr. Mansur Ali studied classical Islamic studies and Arabic at Darul Uloom Bury, UK and Al-Azhar University Cairo, Egypt. He then completed his postgraduate studies in Middle Eastern Studies (Hadith studies) at the University of Manchester researching for a PhD dissertation on the ‘Importance of the Isnad in  Al-Tirmidhi’s Sunan’. He is interested in Hadith studies as well as applied Islamic theology and ethics. He has authored a number of books and academic journal articles on the subject of Hadith, chaplaincy, drug addiction and Islamic theology, and practical theology. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Khatib at the Darul Isra Mosque, Cardiff, UK. He is also recipient of the 2015 BISCA awards (

Education and qualifications

2014: Postgraduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (PCUTL), Cardiff University.

2005-2009 PhD Middle Eastern Studies (Islamic), "Al-Tirmidhi and the Role of the Isnad in His Sunan", University of Manchester, supervised by Dr Ronald P. Buckley. Funded by Manchester University 'Graduate Teaching Fellowship Award'.

2004-2005 MA Middle Eastern Studies (Islamic), "The Methodology of Western Scholars in the Study of Hadith Literature", University of Manchester, supervised by Dr Andreas Christmann.

2002-2004 BA Islamic Theology, Al-Azhar University, Cairo Egypt.

1990-2000 Advanced Certificate in Classical Islamic and Arabic Studies. Darul Uloom Al-Arabiyya Al-Islamiyya Bury, UK.

Career overview

2015- Present: Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Cardiff University

2012-2015: Post-doctoral Jameel fellow in Islamic Studies, Cardiff University

2011- 2012: Post-doctoral fellow, Cambridge Muslim College

2010 – 2011: Research associate, Cardiff University

2007-2010: Muslim chaplain, Ashworth High Security Hospital, Liverpool

2005-2008: Graduate teaching fellow, University of Manchester.

Other academic activities

Reviewer for a number of academic journals

Honours and awards

BISCA 2015 (British Imams and Scholars Contribution Award) for best contribution in teaching and research. 2015 (

Professional memberships

  • Fellow             Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)

  • Member           Sociology of Religion workgroup (SOCREL)

  • Member           British Association of Islamic Studies (BRAIS)

  • Member           Muslims in Britain Research Network (MBRN)

Committees and reviewing

  • 2015- Present: Religious and Theological Studies, years 2 and 3 Senior tutor
  • 2012- Present: School of History, Archaeology and Religion Equality and Diversity Committee

External Committees

  • 2015: Leeds University External examiner for Arabic and Islamic Studies (Life Long Learning Centre)








  • RT1112: Introduction to religious studies (secular reasoning in Islamic theology)
  • RT1360: Understanding Muslim scriptures
  • RT1357: God, Good and the Ugly: Topics in applied Islamic ethics
  • MA: Islam in Contemporary Britain

Current PhD students

  1. Riyaz Timol: 2012-2016 (Joint supervision with Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray)
  2. Haroon Sidat: 2015-2018 (Joint supervision with Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray)

Current Research:

  • Organ transplantation and Islamic theology
  • Milk Banks and Hanafi law
  • Islamic scripture and chaplaincy