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Dr Graham Moore

Dr Graham Moore


School of Social Sciences

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Media commentator
Available for postgraduate supervision

I am a Reader in Social Sciences and Health and Deputy Director of the Centre for Development Evaluation Complexity and Implementation in Public Health Improvement (DECIPHer). My main research interests are in child and adolescent health inequalities and social intervention. This work focuses primarily on substance use and mental health, including an emphasis on the population and equity impacts of population level interventions, as well as interventions focused on reducing inequality through targeting vulnerable populations such as children in local authority care or children exposed to domestic violence. I am particularly interested in school systems and their role in reducing or amplifying socioeconomic inequalities in health, as well as how school and family environments interact to shape health and wellbeing. As a major contributor to the inter-generational reproduction of health inequalities, I have a strong interest in tobacco use, tobacco policy, and the de-normalisation of smoking and have led a number of studies focused on children's exposure to secondhand smoke in private and public spaces. I led a number of the UK's first papers on youth e-cigarette use, attracting worldwide media and policy attention and currently lead two studies on child and youth use and perceptions of tobacco and e-cigarettes. I have an international reputation in methodological innovation for the evaluation of social interventions. I led the development and authorship of highly cited MRC guidance for process evaluation of complex interventions, and am joint PI on a new MRC grant to develop guidance for adaptation of social interventions for new contexts. I am particularly interested in understanding the practical implications of complex systems perspectives for the design and conduct of intervention science. As programme lead for DECIPHer's intervention methods programme from 2013-19, I led a series of established methodology short courses, which are delivered in 3 continents in 2019. I am an investigator on a number of large ongoing research investments, including a UKPRP funded consortium grant focused on commercial determinants of health and health inequalities (Shaping Public hEalth poliCies To Reduce ineqUalities and harM; SPECTRUM), the Wolfson Centre for Young People's Mental Health, and the DfE funded What Works Centre for Children Social Care research partner grant. I am a member of the NIHR Public Health Research Funding Board and the CRUK Population Research Committee. I also chair the CRUK Prevention Expert Review Panel.

Education and qualifications:

  • 2010 PhD Social Sciences, Cardiff University;
  • 2007 MSc (with distinction) Social Science Research Methods, Cardiff University;
  • 2005 MSc (with distinction) Nutriton, Physical Activity and Public Health, University of Bristol;
  • 2001 BSc (Hons) Psychology, UWE Bristol.

Career overview:

  • 2018-         Reader in Social Sciences and Health, DECIPHer, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University;
  • 2016-2018  Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences and Health, DECIPHer, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University;
  • 2013-2015  MRC funded Research Fellow, DECIPHer, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University;
  • 2010-2013  Research Associate, PHIRN, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University;
  • 2005-2006  Research Assistant, CISHE, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University.

Professional memberships

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Speaking engagements

INSERM workshop on Methods and Prnciples for Population Health Imtervention Research (Bordeaux, France), Oct 2018

Bevan Foundation (invited speaker - Health Inequalities in Wales today), Oct 2018

European Summer School for Evidence Based Public Health (co-convenor), July 2018

British Nutrition Foundation 50th anniversary conference, London (invited speaker), April 2017

Centre for Public Health and Population Health Research, University of Stirling (invited seminar), Feb 2017

Department of Health Promotion, Maastricht University (invited seminar) Jan 2017

INDUCT Winter School, Maastricht University (invited lecture), Jan 2017;

Scientific Symposium on Population Health Intervention Research (invited presentation/workshop facilitation), Paris November 2016;

Masterclass on Evaluation of Public Health Interventions (keynote speaker). Wageningen University, Netherlands October 2016;

Public Health Agency for Northern Ireland, Belfast (invited workshop), April 2016;

NIHR Research Design Service, Process evaluation of complex interventions (invited workshop), Jan 2016;

Centre for Evidence Based Intervention, Oxford University (invited presentation) Dec 2015;

French Institute for Public Health Research, Process evaluation of complex interventions Paris (invited presentation). Nov 2015;

North East Medical Sociology Research Group/FUSE, Newcastle, Process evaluation of complex interventions (invited presentation) Nov 2015;

UKSBM conference, Process evaluation of complex interventions (invited pre-conference workshop) Dec 2015;

Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, Process evaluation of complex interventions (invited presentation) April 2015;

Committees and reviewing

Associate Editor,


BMC Public Health

Funding committee member,

National Institute for Health Research Public Health Research Funding Board,

Cancer Research UK Population Research Committee,

French Cancer Research Institute


Cancer Research UKPrevention Exepert Review Panel
















I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and contribute to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching across a range of areas.

2016- undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Social Sciences

  • Year 1: Introduction to Social Science Research Methods (lecturer)
  • Year 2: Knowing the Social - online and offline (lecturer)
  • MSc Social and Public Policy (seminar tutor)
  • Professional Doctorate Evidence Based Policy (convenor)

2015- present Lead for DECIPHer short course programme (

2013-2015 Supervision of 3 CUROP placement students

2011-2015 convenor of Health Improvement module of the Masters in Public Health, Cardiff University

  1. 2020-2025 Collishaw, S., Rice, F. (co-PIs), Thapar, A., John, A., Hall, J., Owen, M., Murphy, S., Moore., G., Hawkins, J., Young, H. Wolfson Centre for Young People's Mental Health. Wolfson Foundation, £10,000,000
  2. 2020-2023 Howarth, E., Moore, G.F., Feder, G., Spencer, A., Evans, R., Berry, V., Stanley, N., Bacchus, L., Humphrey, A., Buckley, K., Littlecott, H., Long, S., Burn, A., Eldridge, S., Family Recovery after Domestic Abuse (FReDA): A feasibility trial and nested process evaluation of a group based intervention for children exposed to domestic violence and abuse. NIHR Public Health Research, £600,000 (awarded subject to contract)
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  4. 2019-2024 Bauld, L., Munafo, M., Fitzgerald, N., Petticrew, M., Gilmore, A., Brown, J., Brennan, A., Pearce, J., Langley, T., McNeill, A., Collin, J., Britton, J., Friel, S., Syrett, K., Moore, G.F., Reid, G., O’Connor, R., Dockrell, M., Bishop, J. Shaping Public hEalth poliCies To Reduce ineqUalities and harm (SPECTRUM). UK Prevention Research Partnership Consortium Grant. £5,900,000
  5. 2019 Skeen, S. & Moore, G.F Complex interventions for adolescent mental health and well-being in South Africa: capacity building. British Academy. £10,000
  6. 2019-2022 Littlecott, H.,Moore G (main supervisor) Using social network analysis to understand the role of school-based social diffusion processes in smoking initiation among adolescents in contemporary Western society. Cancer Research UK Postdoctoral Fellowship. £158,000
  7. 2019-22 Long S, Moore G (academic mentor). Integration of health and wellbeing into the school curriculum: a mixed methods investigation of preparations for Wales-wide school reform and it’s impacts on health and well-being. Health & Care Research Wales Postdoctoral Fellowship. £265,000
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  9. 2018-2020 Moore. G.F., MacDonald, S., Gray, L., Moore, L., Hallingberg, B., Brown, R. Primary schoolchildren’s perceptions of e-cigarettes and exposure to e-cigarettes and tobacco smoke. Cancer Research UK Tobacco Action Group. £127,000
  10. 2018-2020 Long, S., Moore, G.F, Scourfield, J., Taylor, C., Fone, D. Farewell, D., Lyons, R., Does local authority care make a differences to the lives of vulnerable children? Longitudinal analysis of a retrospective cohort. ESRC Secondary Data Analysis Initiative £156,000
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  12. 2018-2021 Moore GF, Murphy S, Long S. The role of schools in supporting positive social relationships to improve school engagement, wellbeing, and substance use outcomes among young people in care: a mixed methods study. Wales School for Social Care Research. £59,500
  13. 2017 Morgan K, Moore GF (co-PIs) Hawkins, J., Littlecott, H., Long, S. & McConnon, L An evaluability assessment of the Food & Fitness Summer Holiday Enrichment Programme in Wales. WLGA. £49,718
  14. 2017-2021 Moore GF, Bauld L, Munafo M, Murphy S, Gray L, Hallingberg B, Mackintosh AMM Moore L Impacts of e-cigarette regulation via the EU Tobacco Products Directive on young people’s use of e-cigarettes: a natural experiment. NIHR Public Health Research funding board £434,000
  15. 2017-2020 Forrester, D., Scourfield, J., Evans, R., Moore, G., Robling, M., Kemp, A. What Works Centre for Social Care - Research partner grant. Department of Education. £4,850,000
  16. 2017-2019 Lyons, R. et al. National Centre for Population Health and Wellbeing Research. Health and Care Research Wales. £1,500,000
  17. 2016-2019 Morgan K (fellow) & Moore G (academic mentor) Long term implementation and effectiveness of the National Exercise Referral Scheme in Wales. Health & Care Research Wales Post-doctoral Fellowship. £279,000
  18. 2016-2018 Moore L, Moore G (Cardiff lead) et al. Exploratory trials of complex interventions: development of guidance for researchers. MRC Methodology Research Programme. £250,000
  19. 2015-2017 Hawkins J (PI), Moore G (Principal co-applicant) et al. The use of accelerometry-based activity monitors and linked web portal to enhance long-term maintenance of physical activity in adults: A pilot trial in an exercise referral setting. Health and Care Research Wales £240,000
  20. 2016 Fone D, Paranjothy S, and Moore G. Children of CHALICE: risk factors for alcohol-related emergency admission to hospital in children and young people’. Wellcome Trust £16,802
  21. 2014-2016 Fletcher et al Pilot trial of the Filter FE Challenge. NIHR Public Health Research £340,000
  22. 2013-2016 Moore GF Population Health Scientist Fellowship, Medical Research Council. £250,000
  23. 2013-2014 Moore GF, Holliday J & Moore L Research into children’s exposure to secondhand smoke in cars. Welsh Government. £90,000
  24. 2012-2014 Baird, J, Audrey, S, Barker, M, Bonell, C, Bond, L, Hardeman, W, Moore, GF, Moore, L, Wight, D. Development of guidance for process evaluations of complex interventions. MRC Population Health Sciences Research Network £34,000
  25. 2011-2012 Murphy, S, Moore, GF. & Moore, L. A Pilot Study of Alcohol Policy & Social Norms in Welsh Universities. Alcohol Education & Research Council £82,490

I currently supervise 6 PhD students, and have supervised a number of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations in the Schools of Medicine and Social Sciences.

I am interested in supervising research projects in areas including:

  • tobacco control and young people's perceptions of smoking;
  • mechanisms underpinning socioeconomic inequalities in young people's health and health behaviour;
  • school-based health improvement intervention;
  • associations between, and common determinants in, health and educational outcomes of school pupils;
  • intervention-generated-inequalities in health;
  • intervention development/evaluation methods