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Dr Catherine Wilson

Dr Catherine Wilson

Senior Lecturer - Teaching and Research

School of Engineering

+44 (0)29 2087 4282

Main Expertise/Research Interests My Research interests include: (a) vegetation hydrodynamics and the the interaction of vegetation and flow in river and estuarine systems, (b) 3-D Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling of environmental hydraulics, (c) the impact of climate change on ecosystems and the linkage between hydrodynamics and invertebrate habitat in rivers Architectural, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Energy and Environment
Compound Channel Flow, The Physical Impact of Riparian and Wetland Vegetation, Development and Verification of 2D and 3D Numerical Models

- External Fellowships and Memberships EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow (2001-2006) EPSRC Review College (2001 - current) ICE,CEng Chartered Engineer - Sabbatical Visits to Research Centres Water Research Centre, University of New South Wales - Committee Membership IAHR UK Section (2002-2008) BHS Welsh Section (2005-2008) - Travel Grants Royal Academy Grants to go: IAHR Congress Beijing (2001); IAHR Congress Korea (2005); IAHR Congress Venice (2007) Key Awards ICE Wales Prize 2004 IAHR Congress JFK Prize 1995 Member of organising committees: Local committee for the IWA/IAHR 5th International Conference of Hydroinformatics Invited section organiser for Joint IAHR-EWRI Congress Vancouver 2009 Reviewer for 15 Journals (ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Research, Water Research, Journal of Hydrology, Journal of Hydraulic Research, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Hydrological Processes, ICE Journal of Water Management, Journal of Hydroinformatics, Journal of Environmental Management, Journal of River Basin Management, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms,) Reviewer for International Research Councils: The National Science Foundation (USA) Research Collaborators: Prof. Nils Reidar Olsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway -Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Dr. Thorsten Stoesser, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA - Modelling flow/vegetation interaction and the associated impact on turbulence using CFD models Prof. Ian Guymer, University of Warwick, UK - Dispersion in meandering channels and the impact of macrophytes on contaminant dispersion Dr Joby Boxall and James Shucksmith, University of Sheffield, UK - Dispersion in meandering channels and the impact of macrophytes on dispersion Dr. Matt Horritt, Halcrow, UK - The use of remote-sensing techniques for parameterising vegetation height and modelling estuarine flows using 1-D/2-D models Dr. Jochen Aberle, University of Braunsweig, Germany - Modelling the hydraulic resistance of woodland vegetation and the DAM approach for experimental hydraulics Dr. Tom Nisbet and Huw Thomas, Forest Research, UK - Modelling the effects of forestation on reach-scale flooding characteristics Dr. Pam Naden and Dr. Rameshwaran, Centre of Hydrology and Ecology, Wallingford, UK - Validation of 3-D CFD codes for the predication of meandering compound channel flow. Prof. Ron Cox and Dr Stephanie Wallace, Water Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Australia - Modelling the impact of sea grass on the velocity and turbulence structure.



















Corrosion Scales in water distruption networkSapsford D, Wilson C, Mahdi T, Geroni JDwr Cymru499412/04/2013 - 11/04/2014
Development of vegetation flow resistance alogrithms in the numerical modelling of flood flowsDr CAM WilsonEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council 20179201/09/2001 - 31/08/2006
An investigation of the effect of water quality on iron corrosion in mains distribution systemsWilson C, Sapsford D, Mahdi TAWELSH WATER180001/08/2011 - 31/08/2011
Hydralab Programme III "Hydrodynamic drag of trees"Wilson CAMECommission of European Communities1420024/03/2008 - 18/04/2008
33rd IAHR Congress: Water Engineering for a Sustainable EnvironmentWilson CAMEROYAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING80009/08/2009 - 13/08/2009
33rd IAHR congress: water engineering for a sustainable environmentWilson CAMERoyal Society207107/08/2009 - 16/08/2009
Studentship: The impact of planting floodplain and riparian woodland, including energy plantations in middle to upper catchment reaches on downstream flood managementWilson CAME, Falconer RForestry Commission1850001/01/2010 - 30/09/2013
Studentship: The impact of planting floodplain and riparian woodland, including energy plantations in middle to upper catchment reaches on downstream flood managementWilson CAME, Falconer RForestry Commission686401/10/2013 - 31/03/2014
Modelling the fate and transport of particles in waterProf RA Falconer, Dr BL Lin, Dr CAM Wilson, (with University of Wales Aberystwyth & University of Leeds & University of Wales Lampeter)Environment Agency 4800001/05/2001 - 01/01/2003
Hydroenvironmental processes of tidal energy and riverine managementProf RA Falconer, Dr CAM Wilson, Dr BL LinNatural Environment Research Council 18147330/06/2005 - 29/06/2006
Development and application of an integrated hydro-informatics software tool (IHST) for flow and pollutant interactions between the coastal zone and neighbouring wetlandsProf RA Falconer, Dr CAM Wilson, Ms BN BockelmannBritish Council 300001/04/2002 - 01/04/2004

Supervised Students

Integrated Modelling of Hydrodynamic Processes, Faecal Indicator Organisms And Related Parameters With Improved Accuracy Using Parallel (GPU) ComputingBOYE BrianGraduatePhD
Local Physical And Hydraulic Factors Affecting Leaf Retention Within StreamsTRODDEN Laura RhiannonGraduatePhD
Floodplain Woodland HydrodynamicsXAVIER Patricia AnneGraduatePhD
Modelling The Hydrodynamic Drag Force Of Flexible Riparian WoodlandWHITTAKER PeterGraduatePhD
The Influence of Saltmarsh Vegetation Canopies On Hydrodynamics In The Intertidal ZoneMALKI RamiGraduatePhD
Effect of Rigid Vegetation on the Velocity, Turbulence and Wave Structure in Open Channel FlowsMORTAZAVY DORCHEH Saied AhmadGraduatePhD
Study of offshore sandbank dynamicsCLEE Stephen AndrewCurrentPhD
Velocity Field And Transverse Dispersion In Vegetation FlowsSHARIL SurayaGraduatePhD
Modelling Hydraulic and Physical Features of Riverine Fish HabitatsMUHAWENIMANA ValentineCurrentPhD