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Professor Monjur Mourshed

Professor Monjur Mourshed

Professor of Sustainable Engineering

+44 (0)29 2087 4847
S/1.44, Queen's Buildings - South Building, 5 The Parade, Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 3AA
Available for postgraduate supervision


Prof Mourshed's research interests lie in the broader field of smart, resilient and sustainable buildings and cities. As an interdisciplinary academic, he works in the cross-cutting areas linking climate, energy, and environment—underpinned by methods from building physics, information technology, and environmental psychology—with the end goal being the development of new methods, processes, and tools to enhance the policy and practice of sustainable development.

Before moving to Cardiff, he was a lecturer at Loughborough University (2007-2013) where he investigated relationships between physical environments, projected increases in ambient temperature, and occupant health and wellbeing, as part of the £11M EPSRC-funded Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre (HaCIRIC). He was a Co-I in the EPSRC project that developed a simulation-based optimisation tool for minimising building carbon emissions and water use. He was PI of two grants from the British Council and Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) on adaptable cities and 2050 energy pathways for Bangladesh respectively.

At Cardiff, I led the DECC-funded development of 2050 national energy, emissions and food pathways for Bangladesh (, in association with industry, academia and the governments of UK and Bangladesh. The research focused on the socioeconomic evolution of energy demand and how the increasing demand can be met in a without affecting energy security and carbon intensity. Key innovations include the open-source release of the entire underlying model and dataset for an energy-informed debate on policies. I secured four grants from the European Commission (H2020 and FP7), as a PI and Co-I, primarily focussing on resource efficiency (energy and water) in the built environment. In MAS2TERING, I am leading the development of a multi-agent systems platform for optimal management of the electricity generated by prosumers in a district, enabling new business model for 'house as a power plant', in association with European utilities and research organisations. THERMOSS takes the concept further to include district heating systems. In PERFORMER and WISDOM projects, the focus is on improving the understanding of the interactions between users, buildings and energy systems, as well as on the development of resource-efficient and resilient built environment.

Service: Prof Mourshed is Associate Editor of five academic journals: PLoS ONE, IEEE Access, Frontiers in Energy Research, Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering and Frontiers in Built Environment. He serves on the board of Energy & Environment journal. He has also served on various energy and climate committees of professional organisations: IEEE, ASHRAE and CIBSE, and chaired the IEEE-PES sub-committee on Smart Buildings.

Affiliation: Prof Mourshed is Fellow of British Computer Society and Higher Education Academy.

Note for prospective students: I welcome enquiries on PhD research focusing on energy and environmental modelling for sustainability.



HE qualifications

Journal editorship

Grant reviewer

  • Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), UK. 2017–to date.
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), UK. 2009–to date.

Professional memberships

Academic positions

Speaking engagements

  • 2016–28 MAR. Bangladesh 2050 Energy and Emissions Pathways Calculator. Learning Hub Event: BD2050 – Energy, Emissions and Food Security Modelling Tool, organised by the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB), International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), UK, and General Economic Division (GED), Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • 2016–15 MAR. Engaging 2050 users on a mobile platform. Second 2050 Calculator Conference, organised by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Mexico City, Mexico.
  • 2016–22 JAN. Bangladesh 2050 Energy and Emissions Pathways Calculator. Policy Dialogue: Carbon Emission Pathways for Bangladesh organised by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan, and International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB), Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • 2015–11 FEB. BD2050: Modelling GDP and population. First 2050 Calculator Conference organised by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Taipei, Taiwan.
  • 2015–11 FEB. BD2050: Food and bioenergy. First 2050 Calculator Conference organised by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Taipei, Taiwan.
  • 2015–22 JAN. Bangladesh 2050 Energy and Emissions Pathways Calculator. GreenBRIDGE seminar organised by the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Science and Humanities (CRASSH), Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK.
  • 2012–10 JUL. Challenges of adapting to increasing temperatures in South Asia. 1st International Conference on Research and Education of Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Loughborough, UK.
  • 2012–05 APR. Managing energy demand from buildings: Profile, energy efficiency and the effects of climate in Bangladesh. Low Carbon Energy for Development Conference, LCEDN, Loughborough, UK.
  • 2012–28 FEB. UK energy research landscape. Dhaka, Bangladesh. Workshop titled, UK-Bangladesh collaboration on research on low-carbon energy, organised by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), UK Collaborative on Development Sciences (UKCDS), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • 2009–02 NOV. Optimisation of space layouts in healthcare facilities. Healthcare Design – HCD09, Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, USA.
  • 2009–20 OCT. Evolution of optimum space layouts. CIBSE, London, UK. Seminar titled, Evolution and optimum design of buildings, organised by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Intelligent Buildings Group (IBG).
  • 2009–08 SEP. Building optimisation research. Department of Energy Technology, Aalto University (formerly TKK), Espoo, Finland.
  • 2009–25 FEB. Daylighting design in hospitals. Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), London, UK. Seminar titled, Hospital Buildings: the healing aspects of design in healthcare, organised by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Intelligent Buildings Group (IBG).
  • 2008–04 SEP. Public lecture: Energy in Buildings: Adaptability and Resilience to Climate Change. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • 2006–12 SEP. Plenary lecture: On interoperability and integration for sustainability. GBEN2006: Global Built Environment: Towards an Integrated Approach for Sustainability, An international conference at University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK.

Committees and reviewing

External committees

Conference co-chair

  • Building Simulation and Optimization (BSO12) – An IBPSA England Conference, in association with CIBSE and Loughborough University. Loughborough, UK, 10-12 September 2012.
  • Global Built Environment: Towards an Integrated Approach for Sustainability (GBEN 2006) – Jointly organised by the Global Built Environment Network, University College Cork, Edgehill University and University of Central Lancashire. 11-12 September 2006.

Chair: workshops and special sessions

  • Special session chair, CASE: Collective and Adaptive Smart Energy management in districts and neighborhoods, In: IEEE Second International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2 2016). Trento, Italy, 12-15 September 2016. Co-chair: A Bucchiarone (FBK, IT).
  • Workshop chair, Security, flexibility and demand management in smart low voltage grids, In: 1st EAI International Conference on Smart Grid Inspired Future Technologies (SmartGIFT). Liverpool, UK, 19-20 May 2016. Co-chairs: M Anbar (Engie, FR), T Messervey (R2M, IT), and M Vinyals (CEA, FR)

Conference organising committee

  • Member, International Conference on the Developments in Renewable Energy Technology (ICDRET). Technical Co-Sponsor: IEEE Power & Energy Society.
    • ICDRET’16. 7–9 January, 2016. Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • ICDRET’14. 29–31 May, 2014. Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • ICDRET’12. 5–7 January, 2012. Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • ICDRET’09. 17–19 December, 2009. Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Conference reviewer/ Member of scientific committee

  • 2nd eCAS Workshop on Engineering Collective Adaptive Systems at the 11th IEEE international conference on Self-Adaptive Self-Organizing Conference (SASO 2017). Tucson, Arizona, USA, 18–22 September 2017.
  • Building Simulation – Biennial Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA).
    • 15th Building Simulation, San Francisco, California, 7–9 August 2017.
    • 14th Building Simulation, Hyderabad, India, 7–9 December 2015.
    • 13th Building Simulation, Chambéry, France, 26–28 August 2013.
    • 12th Building Simulation, Sydney, Australia, 14-16 November 2011.
    • 11th Building Simulation, Glasgow, UK, 27–30 July 2009.
  • IEEE Second International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2 2016). Sponsored by the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative. Trento, Italy, 12-15 September 2016.
  • Building Simulation and Optimisation – Biennial Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) England.
    • BSO 2016, Newcastle, UK, 12–14 September 2016.
    • BSO 2012, Loughborough, UK, 10–11 September 2012.
  • 19th Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC2016). Sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society. Genoa, Italy, 20–24 June 2016.
  • 1st EAI International Conference on Smart Grid Inspired Future Technologies (SmartGIFT). Liverpool, UK, 19–20 May 2016.
  • Sustainable Places (SP 2015). Savona, Italy, 16–18 September 2015.
  • 7th International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE 2015). Dubai, UAE, 28–31 March 2015.
  • Annual Conference of the Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM).
    • 31st ARCOM, Birmingham, UK, 7–9 September 2015.
    • 28th ARCOM, Edinburgh, UK, 3–5 September 2012.
    • 27th ARCOM, Bristol, UK, 5–7 September 2011.
    • 26th ARCOM, Leeds, UK, 6–8 September 2010.
    • 25th ARCOM, Nottingham, UK, 7–9 September 2009.
  • Second International Conference on Whole Life Urban Sustainability and its Assessment (SUEMoT). Loughborough, UK, 22-24 April 2009.
  • SimBuild 2008: 3rd National Conference of IBPSA-USA. Berkeley, CA, 30 July - 1 August 2008.





















Research theme: Energy and Environment

Research grants and contracts

Ongoing and past research grants and contracts are grouped into four research focus, as follows.

Smart and sustainable energy grids, buildings and cities


DRiVE: Demand Response Integration tEchnologies: unlocking the demand response potential in the distribution grid

European Commission 
(Horizon 2020)
Mourshed M, and Rezgui Y£283,26112/2017-11/2020

TABEDE: TowArds Building rEady for Demand rEsponse

European Commission
(Horizon 2020)
Mourshed M, and Rezgui Y£291,29511/2017-10/2020

piSCES: Smart cluster energy system for the fish processing industry

Welsh European Funding OfficeRezgui Y, and Mourshed M£377,0304/2017-3/2020

PENTAGON: Unlocking European grid local flexibility through augmented energy capabilities at district-level

European Commission 
(Horizon 2020)
Rezgui Y, and Mourshed M£234,05712/2016- 11/2019

THERMOSS: Building and district thermal retrofit and management solutions

European Commission 
(Horizon 2020)
Rezgui Y, and Mourshed M£228,1319/2016-8/2020

MAS2TERING: Multi-agent systems and secured coupling of telecom and energy grids for next generation smart grid services

European Commission: Framework Programme 7 (FP7)Mourshed M, Rezgui Y, Cipcigan L, and Rana O£305,2749/2014-12/2017

PERFORMER: Portable, exhaustive, reliable, flexible and optimized approach to monitoring and evaluation of building performance

European Commission: Framework Programme 7 (FP7)Rezgui Y, Mourshed M and Li H£459,5059/2013-8/2017

FutureCities: Future cities energy management of districts/estates via ICT based BIM

Building Research Establishment (BRE) TrustRezgui Y, Li H, Mourshed M£60,0009/2012-3/2015

ARUBE: Adaptable and resilient urban built environments

British CouncilMourshed M, Mallick F and Wilby R£44,9821/2011- 1/2014

Optimise: A simulation-based optimisation tool for the minimisation of building carbon emissions and water usage

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)Wright J and Mourshed M£182,6268/2010- 8/2012

Energy and emissions pathways

Engineering sustainability

  • WISDOM: Water analytics and intelligent sensing for demand optimised management. European Commission: Framework Programme 7 (FP7). Rezgui Y, Kwan A, Li H, Mourshed M and Beach T. £352,687. 2/2014 - 1/2017.
  • EHW: Energy from household waste. British Council. Rahman H and Mourshed M. £20,000. 3/2012 – 2/2013.
  • Safety Strategy VI for UK Highways Agency. UK Highways Agency. Quddus M, Pitfield D and Mourshed M. £120,000. 5/2012 – 4/2013.

Health and wellbeing in buildings


I am interested in supervising PhD students in the areas of:

  • Adaptation and resilience to climate change
  • Energy and environmental sustainability
  • Building simulation and optimization
  • Urban sustainability
  • Smart buildings, cities and grid
  • Energy and decarbonisation pathways

Current supervision

Kui Weng

Research student

Salem Algarni

Research student


Amin Osama Amin

Research student

Past projects

PhDs completed

  1. Dr Balsam Alwan Shallal
  2. Dr Arif Talaq D Almutairi
  3. Dr Corentin Kuster
  4. Dr Kumar Biswajit Debnath. Decarbonization cost of Bangladesh's energy sector: Influence of corruption. 2018.
  5. Dr Nada M Kadhim. Creating 3D city models from satellite imagery for integrated assessment and forecasting of solar energy. 2018.
  6. Dr Raed FM Ameen. A framework for the sustainability assessment of urban design and development in Iraqi cities. 2017.
  7. Dr Shariful Shikder (Loughborough). Adaptation strategies to prevent overheating in dwellings occupied by older people. 2017.
  8. Dr Riyad Al-ShaqiAmbient assisted living systems for older people with Alzheimer’s. 2016.
  9. Dr Eissa AlreshidiTowards facilitating team collaboration during construction project via the development of cloud-based BIM governance solution. 2016.
  10. Dr Fiona Hamilton-MacLaren (Loughborough). Alternative, more sustainable, wall construction techniques than brick and block, for new housing in England and Wales. 2013.
  11. Dr Yisong Zhao (Loughborough). Evidence based design in healthcare: Integrating user perception in automated space layout planning. 2013.
  12. Dr Abdul Murad Zainal Abidin (Loughborough). Minimising energy use and mould growth risk in tropical hospitals. 2012.
  13. Dr Md Ashikur Rahman Joarder (Loughborough). Incorporation of therapeutic effect of daylight in the architectural design of in-patient rooms to reduce patient length of stay (LoS) in hospitals. 2011.
  14. Dr Manthilake MID Manthilake (Loughborough). Evolutionary building layout optimisation. 2011.

MPhil completed

  1. Eman Mohamed Ali El-AlwaniModelling the embodied energy of the UK housing stock for shallow refurbishment. 2016.