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Dr Emmanuel Brousseau PhD, CEng, FHEA, FIMechE

Dr Emmanuel Brousseau

PhD, CEng, FHEA, FIMechE


School of Engineering

Media commentator


I am a Reader at Cardiff School of Engineering. My current research interest lies in the field of advanced manufacturing technologies with a specific focus on nano 'mechanical' machining (AFM probe-based) and micro 'thermal' machining (laser-based). I lead the teaching of mathematics for first year Mechanical Engineering students (module EN1090 "Engineering Analysis"). I am also responsible for the delivery of CAD labs and for the supervision of individual, as well as group, projects on BEng, MEng and MSc courses. I received a "Teaching of the Year" award in 2017 for the module EN1090 "Engineering Analysis".

Prior to my first appointment as a Lecturer in 2012, I was the recipient of a five-year Academic Fellowship from the Research Councils UK. Since 2005, I have published over 90 papers (including 50 journal papers), principally in the area of micro and nano manufacturing.

In 2011, I received the Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

I have secured, as Principal Investigator (PI), research income for a total value of £1.2m. This includes three EPSRC Grants (EP/I012133/1, EP/M020703/1 and EP/T01489X/1). I have also been co-investigator (Co-I) on projects worth £1.1m, which comprise two EPSRC grants (EP/F056745/1 and EP/K031635/1). Finally, I have also served as acting PI on two FP7 projects (MULTILAYER and POLARIC) for a combined value of £1.1m.


Honours and awards

  • Richard L. Kegg Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (2011).
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2013).
  • Top downloaded paper and inclusion in the '2014 Article Highlights' collection for the IOP Journal 'Surface Topography: Metrology and Properties' (2014).
  • Nominated for an 'Enriching Student Life Award' at Cardiff University (2016, 2018).
  • Named as one of the three Scientific Chairs for the 2017 World Congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing (March 27-30, 2017, Kaohsiung, Taiwan).
  • Teaching of the Year Award at Cardiff School of Engineering (2017).

Professional memberships

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME): Senior Member
  • International Institution for MicroManufacturing (I2M2): Member
  • Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Speaking engagements

  • 2019: Jilin University (China)
  • 2018: Tianjin University (China)
  • 2015: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Denmark), University of Cambridge (UK), Harbin Institute of Technology (China)
  • 2014: Bangor University (UK), Glyndwr University (UK), Swansea University (UK), IET South Wales Branch, Cardiff University (UK).
  • 2013: Bradford University (UK), Glamorgan University (UK), Swansea University (UK).
  • 2012: Aberystwyth University, (UK).
  • 2011: Northwestern University (USA), IMechE South Wales Region, Cardiff University (UK).
  • 2008: Int. Symp. for Micro Manufacturing and Nano Materials, Marinha Grande (Portugal), I*PROMS Researchers Symposium, Cardiff University (UK).
  • 2007: IMS meeting on Strategies for Global Manufacturing, Zurich (Switzerland).

Committees and reviewing

  • Funding bodies: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK), Slovenian Research Agency (Slovenia), German Research Foundation / Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) (Germany),  European Commission.
  • PhD and EngD theses: external examiner at Loughborough University (UK), the University of Huddersfield (UK), Swansea University (UK), the University of Franche-Comte (France), the University of Lyon (France) and the University of the Basque Country (Spain).


















  • Dimov, S. S., Brousseau, E. B. J. P. and Setchi, R. 2005. Automatic extraction of rules for feature recognition in solid models. Presented at: 1st I*PROMS: Intelligent Production Machines and Systems, Online, 4-15 July 2005 Presented at Pham, D. ed.Intelligent Production Machines And Systems - First I*proms Virtual Conference Proceedings. Elsevier pp. 49-54.



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ECO-Laserfact-EC)-efficient LASER technology FACTories of the futureBigot S, Setchi RM, Brousseau E, Petkov P, Barrow DEuropean Commission12309101/05/2012 - 30/04/2015

Supervised Students

A Novel Modelling Approach to Enhance the Predictability of Nano-scale Mechanical MachiningSHEN HaoCurrentPhD
Low-cycle Fatigue Models Applied to High Frequency Tip-based Nano-machiningBAQUAIN SameehCurrentPhD
Laser Processing of Bulk Metallic GlassesYANG JiaoCurrentPhD
High-Throughput AFM-Based Nanomachining for Applications in Nanomagnetism.JONES JoshCurrentPhD
Express Analysis of the Bluntness of AFM Probe TipsALRAZIQI Zaynab Naif RasheedGraduatePhD
Theoretical and Experimental Investigations about the AFM Tip-Based Nanomachining ProcessAL MUSAWI Raheem Sadoon JamelGraduatePhD
Characterisation of Tip Wear during AFM Probe-Based NanomachiningMUKHTAR Nur Farah Hafizah BintiGraduatePhD
Study of a Novel Material Solution for Vibration IsolationELDERRAT HaithemGraduatePhD
Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Nanosecond Fibre Laser MicromachiningWILLIAMS EleriGraduatePhD
Hot Embossing Process Parameters: Simulation and Experimental StudiesOMAR FuadGraduatePhD
Beyond Lean: A Framework For Fit Production SystemsWILLIAMS Oludare AdebayoGraduatePhD
Novel Computational Technique For Determining Depth Using The Bees Algorithm and Blind Image DeconvolutionYUCE BarisGraduate PhD
Manipulation of Nanoparticles by Pushing Operations Using an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)  GONZALEZ ROMO Mario JavierGraduatePhD