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 Rongqiu Song

Rongqiu Song

Research student,



  • MSc Technology Economy and Management, Chongqing Jiaotong University (2018)
  • MSc Transport and Planning, Cardiff University, Distinction (2017)
  • BSc Engineering Management, Tianjin Chengjian University (2015)

Academic Engagement

  • Latest Achievement in Transportation Engineering and Logistics Summer School, held
    by Universität Münche & Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (07/2018)
  • Internship in China Academy of Transportation Science, Beijing, China (05/2019 -

Academic Conference

  • Commuting and Well-being symposium, University of West England, UK, attended
  • New Silk Road International Conference, Chongqing Jiaotong University, China,
    submitted paper “Research on Chongqing's Foreign Trade Development”, and get
    published on Journal of Chongqing Jiaotong University (Social Sciences Edition)


Research interests

  • Decarbonisation of road networks
  • Electric vehicles
  • Travel behaviour
  • Travel attitude


Dimitris Potoglou

Dr Dimitris Potoglou

Reader in Transport and Applied Choice Analysis