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Spring 2018 series

The Spring 2018 schedule of the Cornea to Cortex research series.

31 JanuaryDr Peter Morrison, Cardiff University School of Pharmacy
Host: Andrew Quantock
Overcoming the barriers to ocular drug delivery
14 FebruaryProf Ron Douglas, City University
Host: Jon Erichsen
The pupil light response of animals: from squid to man and everything in between
28 FebruaryProf John Sparrow, Bristol Eye Hospital
Host: Marcela Votruba
Patient reported outcomes for cataract surgery
14 MarchProf Paul McGraw, University of Nottingham
Host: Jon Erichsen
Spatial and temporal perception mechanisms in human vision
21 March Dr Helena Lee, University of Southampton
Host: Matt Dunn
My wobbles through the world of nystagmus research
28 MarchProf Joan Roberts, Fordham University, USA
Host: Malgorzata Rozanowska
The role of light in re-setting circadian rhythms and its implications for human health