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New Welsh medium module focuses on business management for SMEs

6 June 2024

The Welsh flag in a speech bubble

A first-ever Welsh medium module exploring small business management has launched at Cardiff Business School, allowing students and staff to engage in Welsh language learning and teaching.

Taught to final-year undergraduate students studying Business Management (BSc), the optional module titled ‘Small Business Management’ was first delivered in the 2024 spring semester.

The introduction of the module is in line with Cardiff University’s Welsh Language Strategy, which involves embracing Welsh language culture and ensuring more students can study through the medium of Welsh. It’s also part of a wider effort to embed Welsh language teaching into Cardiff Business School and recognises our obligations to Wales as a capital city university.

Professor Eleri Rosier, who teaches on the module, says:

“This module is specifically designed for Welsh medium students, acknowledging that small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which make up 99% of UK businesses, are the backbone of the Welsh economy.”
Professor Eleri Rosier Professor of Marketing and Strategy

In creating the module, staff have developed resources in management, marketing, leadership, and accounting. These new resources will help students to:

  1. Assess the competitive, institutional and regulatory pressures facing small business managers.
  2. Evaluate how the Welsh and UK governments impact the small business shaping environment.
  3. Understand how small business managers have addressed challenges across topics such as finance, strategy, regulatory compliance, innovation, and marketing.
  4. Gain skills and knowledge transferable to small business management and apply taught knowledge to a real small business in Cardiff through a case study assessment.

Student feedback about the module has been positive. A student says:

“I chose the Small Business Management module as I attended Welsh medium education, and it was an opportunity for me to practice the language using reading resources and having conversations during lectures. I also chose the module because I have family members who own small businesses. Improving my awareness of small businesses will be helpful to me in the future. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to choose a course where I could learn more about essential elements such as finance, strategy, innovation, and marketing, and how specific management practices in small businesses are impacted by organisational environments and the market.”

Cardiff Business School staff involved in developing the module include:

  • Professor Eleri Rosier
  • Dr Leon Gooberman
  • Dr Robert Bowen
  • Dr Kevin Evans
  • Professor Kevin Holland

For students wishing to study the Welsh language and its culture alongside the main elements of a Business Management degree, Cardiff University also offers the Business Management with Welsh (BSc) degree programme.

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