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What kind of scientist will you be?

26 March 2024

A young girl wearing a lab coat and safety goggles stands between two jars of blue and green liquid holding a pipette.
Interests were sparked in STEM careers at University’s Be a Scientist! event hosted in sbarc|spark.

Cardiff University researchers have shared their ideas and expertise with over 500 children, young people, and community members as part of a city-wide festival which aims to inspire the next generation of Welsh scientists.

The Be a Scientist! event was delivered in celebration of Cardiff Science Festival and encouraged children to think about careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

From magnetic motors and electrical engineering to perplexing puzzles and wonderful workshops, attendees got a hands-on experience of the scientific research underway across the University.

One child said: “I want to do something meaningful and give back to the world through science and discovery. I would like to be a doctor to be able to make a real difference in someone’s life.”

Another child added: “I really enjoy learning and understanding different processes of the body and the effects of some drugs on the body!”

Hosted in the sbarc|spark building, the event showcased the work of 16 academic schools, University research centres, and local businesses across 20 stalls and four workshops.

One visitor reflected: “We attended a science session, and it was amazing for both small and big children. There was so much to do, see and take part in.

“The children loved how friendly the staff and scientists were! So much information was given about each experiment. You could tell how passionate the scientists were, it really rubbed off on the kids. Such a lovely experience.”

The event was supported by the Research Wales Innovation Fund and Harmonised Impact Acceleration Accounts.

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