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Reflecting on triumphs: celebrating our 2023 achievements

6 March 2024

Our school proudly celebrates numerous achievements, each highlighting our dedication to excellence, innovation, and societal influence. Here are some of our standout successes from 2023:

1. Griffiths Medal awarded for Covid-19 transmission modelling

Prof Paul Harper, Dr Thomas Woolley, and Dr Josh Moore clinched the Griffiths Medal from the OR Society for their groundbreaking work on Covid-19 transmission modelling, specifically analysing the movement of students returning home from university. This commendation not only underscores their dedication to addressing real-world challenges but also spotlights the incredible talent within our school.

2. UNESCO endorsement and tsunami prediction centre

Dr Usama Kadri's research on tsunami prediction received official endorsement from UNESCO, marking a significant milestone in advancing our understanding of natural disasters. Furthermore, in recent developments, Kadri has successfully secured an agreement to establish a dedicated centre for tsunami prediction. This groundbreaking initiative will find its home in Abacws, reaffirming our school’s global impact in contributing to the environmental challenges of our planet.

3. Celebrating excellence: Kirstin Strokorb's research triumph

Our school boasts a cohort of exceptional colleagues, many of whom were nominated for the prestigious Cardiff University Celebrating Excellence Awards 2023. Among these accomplished individuals, Dr Kirstin Strokorb secured the ‘Excellence in Research’ prize. This award not only recognises Kirstin's exceptional contributions but also highlights the research excellence that the school strives for.

4. Oasis Prize at National Eisteddfod for Geraint Palmer

Geraint Palmer's fun and illuminating work, titled ‘Multi-objective linear programming to find the best Pokemon team,’ earned him the Oasis Prize at the National Eisteddfod 2023. This recognition underscores our school’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional research and engaging with diverse and innovative topics. Geraint’s achievement adds a unique and compelling facet to the school's portfolio of accomplishments.

5. The inaugural Maths Adventure Day

To inspire the next generation of mathematicians, our school hosted its first-ever Maths Adventure Day. From mastering strategic games to confronting the undead in a zombie-fighting workshop, the event aimed to make mathematics engaging and accessible. This initiative reflects the school's renewed dedication to fostering a love for mathematics from an early age, supporting future Cardiff University students.

6. International conference held in Abacws

Dr Rob Wilson spearheaded the initiative to bring the annual CETL-MSOR conference to Abacws, turning our new building into a global hub for discussions on learning and teaching matters in higher education. This international conference drew over 120 delegates from around the world, making Abacws their working home for an insightful week. The conference served as a platform for educators, researchers, and professionals to delve into the latest developments in higher education.

7. Maths for Industry Day successfully orchestrated

Led by Dr Katerina Kaouri and colleagues, our school organised a Maths for Industry Day, a pivotal event that bridged academia and industry. With talks from esteemed academics and industry representatives, delegates gained insights into real-world applications of mathematics across diverse sectors. Noteworthy presentations were delivered by representatives from the NHS, Welsh Water, and Crimtan, showcasing mathematical expertise and practical industry challenges.

I am immensely proud of our achievements in 2023. Our staff are committed to creating substantial contributions to research, education, and societal well-being. I am excited to see what new heights we will reach in 2024 as we continue to push boundaries, inspire minds, and make a positive difference in the world.
Dr Jonathan Thompson Head of School

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