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RemakerSpace event spotlights circular economy initiatives

29 February 2024

A man presenting at the open house event.

RemakerSpace, Cardiff University’s centre dedicated to circular economy initiatives, recently welcomed key stakeholders at an open house event to showcase its cutting-edge facilities.

Based in sbarc|spark, the Social Science Research Park, RemakerSpace is a newly established community, education, and business engagement centre dedicated to circular economy and product lifecycle extension.

The event brought together colleagues from across the university, the NHS and Welsh Government. Attendees had the opportunity to meet the RemakerSpace team, and to hear first-hand from Dr Kersty Hobson, School of Geography and Planning, and Dr Tom Powell, Head of Innovation, Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board, on how stakeholders can make use of this valuable facility.

New funding from Welsh Government will allow RemakerSpace to expand its offerings and acquire further specialist equipment. This will help to maximise engagement with learners, community groups, and businesses, broadening the centre’s reach and impact.

Professor Aris Syntetos, Director of PARC and RemakerSpace, Cardiff Business School said:

"We were very pleased to welcome colleagues from the University and also external stakeholders, and to jointly explore ways to make RemakerSpace even more relevant and useful. With a recent third grant from Welsh Government, we are expanding our technical capabilities even further to grow our centre into a really unique and exciting innovation incubator for the circular economy in Wales and beyond."
Professor Aris Syntetos Distinguished Research Professor, DSV Chair

“Sustainability and the climate emergency are core to Cardiff University’s activities. With the breadth of environmental sustainability challenges facing society, RemakerSpace provides a fantastic opportunity for our students to experience how business and creativity together can positively impact the environment and society. The positioning of RemakerSpace within the university’s business school serves to further reinforce that sustainability is central to employability and entrepreneurial activities that will underpin their future success.”
Dr Julie Gwilliam Dean of Postgraduate Studies College of Physical Sciences & Engineering

“With the Future Generations Act (Wales), the Welsh Government clearly indicated the central position that sustainability has for our nation. While the UN Sustainable Development Goals, provide the same clarity for the international community. RemakerSpace is working to support these values by providing industry, communities and individuals with opportunities to make positive impacts on the environment, specifically supporting the delivery of the prosperous, resilient and healthier future for all that both the Future Generations Act and the SDG’s seek to achieve.”
Professor Rudolf Allemann Pro Vice-Chancellor, International and Student Recruitment and Head of the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering

RemakerSpace is established through a Welsh Government Circular Economy Capital Fund award, with considerable contribution from Cardiff Business School.

The RemakerSpace team also includes Dr Daniel Eyers, Co-Director, and Dr Franck Lacan, Technical Manager. For more information on how RemakerSpace supports community groups, education providers and businesses, please contact Rebecca Travers, RemakerSpace Centre Manager.

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