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Concentric Health using co-working space in sbarc | spark

18 January 2023

Concentric Health staff members

A software company dedicated to helping patients and clinicians make informed decisions about treatment is using the co-working space in sbarc | spark.

Concentric Health’s ground-breaking app is transforming how decisions are made about our health, informed by patient outcomes and shared by patient and clinician - on one easy-to-use application.

The Concentric Health team is using the co-working space in Cardiff Innovations, based inside Cardiff’s new sbarc|spark building and home to a host of start-ups and spinouts.

Dr Patrick Hart, Founders Associate at Concentric Health, said: "Concentric are delighted to be using the co-working space at sbarc|spark - a thoughtfully designed building which is a pleasure to work in. We look forward to engaging with the community in sbarc|spark and building connections with the other tenants."

Concentric Health are the latest addition to the Cardiff Innovations co-working space following the recent arrivals of Empirisys, Cyber Innovation Hub, and Antiverse.

As Cardiff’s newest home for start-ups, Cardiff Innovations offers a range of services and spaces over four floors, including lettable office and co-working space, formal and informal meeting areas, high-end conference facilities, wet lab space and joint exhibition/presentation areas including conference space for up to 200 people, and access to the on-site Milk & Sugar café.

Cardiff Innovations manager Rhys Pearce-Palmer said: “We’re delighted to host Concentric Health in our co-working space. In a post-lockdown world, it takes a lot to get people face-to-face. Sbarc is the exception. In under one year, the sbarc building has become a hub for catch-ups, showcases, and networking.”

“Cardiff Innovations offers stunning offices, laboratories, and co-working spaces for start-ups, spin-outs, and SMEs. As an incubator, we are part of a holistic community within sbarc|spark, which includes Cardiff University’s Social Science Research Park (SPARK) and Remaker Space.”

The Concentric application supports the digital consent process for patients and clinicians through its intuitive and accessible design, with remote functionality shaped to each patient leading to joint decisions that aid patients on their clinical journey.

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