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Transport for Wales partnership delivers unique benefits to MSc students

26 September 2022

Transport for Wales (TfW) and the School of Geography and Planning are working together to provide a one-of-a-kind transport modelling module for students of the Transport and Planning (MSc) programme.

Led by academic and professional experts in the field, the module offers students the theoretical underpinnings of transport modelling and valuable hands-on experience of world-leading transport modelling software, providing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and giving a head-start to students heading for post-graduate employment.

Students will have access to specialist software, called VISUM, which is currently used to model transport networks and travel demand, and for developing of transport strategies and solutions. TfW use this modelling software in each of its three regional transport models that provide a detailed network of the transport infrastructure in Wales.

Use of the software along with learning the fundamental elements of transport modelling, will allow students to understand its use and how it supports the development of transport schemes in Wales using real-world data and use cases.

Dimitris Potoglou, Transport and Planning (MSc) Programme Director, said: “For a second year, we are really fortunate to collaborate with colleagues at Transport for Wales and offer students both the theoretical and the practical aspects of transport planning and modelling. Another advantage of this initiative is that we are using real-world data and models developed for Wales, which allows students to develop and test their own transport strategies using real-world data and assess the effectiveness of their proposed solutions.”

Rhian Watts, Head of Transport Modelling at Transport for Wales said: “I have enjoyed the opportunity to support Cardiff University and the students undertaking the MSc. The course uses one of Welsh Government / Transport for Wales Regional Transport Models and we have used several real-world scenarios and problems during the course that shows the importance for modelling and appraisal in shaping the future of transport in Wales. It has been a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.”

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