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Winner of the inaugural 2022 McCann Prize announced

3 August 2022

Eduardo Fialho Guimaraes
Eduardo Fialho Guimaraes

MSc Environmental Design of Buildings student Eduardo Fialho Guimaraes has won the inaugural McCann Prize 2022.

The McCann prize, sponsored by McCann & Partners, is awarded to the student with the best overall performance in stage 1 (taught work) from MSc Environmental Design of Buildings (local and distance learning) and MSc Sustainable Mega Buildings.

Eduardo will be presented with the prize when he graduates after completing stage 2 of the programme (dissertation).  McCann & Partners are members of the Industrial Advisory Board which ensures that both courses are relevant to the profession and also helps to facilitate recruitment after completion.

On receiving the award, Eduardo said:

"The MSc in Environmental Design of Buildings provided a flexible and well-balanced program of distance learning, which allowed me to manage my studies around my full-time work. The support from knowledgeable and experienced tutors and the valuable exchange of knowledge and good practice with a group of multidisciplinary students made the distance learning experience more interactive, engaging, and overall enjoyable. The knowledge I gained gave me the confidence to practice environmental design, and I was thrilled to have received the McCann prize for it."

The MSc in Environmental Design of Buildings has a range of study routes (including part-time and distance learning) which enables it to be undertaken while in employment. The MSc aims to develop knowledge and evidence based expertise in the design of comfortable and healthy environments in and around buildings responding to climate and with due regard to sustainability issues.  The local course is directed by Dr Vicki Stevenson and the distance learning course is directed by Sarah O’Dwyer.

The MSc in Sustainable Mega Buildings also has a part-time route.  The programme focuses on principles of sustainable design and planning of mega-buildings and is directed by Dr Eshrar Latif.

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