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LE-DR Lab and HEDQF collaborate on Design Research and Student prize

11 May 2022

LE-DR team

The Learning Environments Design Research Laboratory (LE-DR Lab) in the Welsh School of Architecture has agreed a collaboration with the Higher Education Design Research Quality Forum (HEDQF) for the academic year 2021-22.

The LE-DR Lab, which is part of MA Architectural Design, aims to investigate the spatial, digital and organisational strategies that address the current challenges for higher education estates. The laboratory builds on Hiral Patel’s research on university spaces and offers an exploratory space for building design research capabilities. As well as exploring the design and use of physical spaces in a period of rapid digital transition, the laboratory will also consider the difficulties surrounding the reduction of carbon emissions and the creation of a biodiverse campus that will also enhance the learning community.

HEDQF is offering professional expertise to the LE-DR Lab students who will undertake their design research around these topics using Cardiff University as a site of investigation. Representing HEDQF, architect and design tutor Andy MacFee has been involved in periodic reviews and tutorials during the year.

HEDQF, whose vision is to explore and showcase excellent design quality in the higher education sector, will also sponsor the 2021-22 Design Prize. The best work produced from the LE-DR Lab will receive a cash prize and will be invited to present their work at the annual HEDQF conference.

For more information on the LE-DR lab and to view some recent student projects, please visit the LE-DR Lab website.

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