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A Data Innovation Research Institute research software engineer has worked with colleagues in Psychology to launch an app that encourages healthy eating choices

1 September 2021

Shows a representation of a brain in a head with an ice cream and an apple as if there is a choice to be made between them

Data Innovation Research Institute (DIRI) Research Software Engineer (RSE) Jeff Morgan, has collaborated with colleagues from Cardiff University's Brain Research Imaging Centre to facilitate swift and accurate analysis of the collected app data.

The Restrain trial app which was launched in June 2021 is already providing valuable feedback data; the team are hoping it will be used by thousands more people, giving them the opportunity to further refine the app.

Project lead Prof. Chris Chambers said: “Having RSE support from DIRI has been pivotal for this project. The Restrain trial is testing thousands of people over several months, producing a large quantity of raw data via smartphones that needs to be received, filtered and carefully curated for further analysis. Our RSE, Jeff Morgan, has provided crucial support in creating and maintaining the code that ensures integrity and usability of the database.”

Making use of brain-training games, you select which foods to include in your trial, indicating if your goal is to increase or decrease the intake of a particular food type. The app assists the you to make healthier choices, with weekly weight monitoring, food reports, and recording of your attitudes and cravings.

The free app is designed to be used over small periods of time for three months, with each daily session between 10-15 minutes. You can download the Restrain app here

Professor Chris Chambers

Professor Chris Chambers

Professor, Head of Brain Stimulation

+44 (0)29 2087 0331
Dr Jeffrey Morgan

Dr Jeffrey Morgan

Research Software Engineer


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