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Lively short courses held for MDA and DPP students

31 January 2020

MDA and DPP students

Lively short courses were held in January for the Master of Design Administration (MDA) and the Diploma Professional Practice (Part 3) (DPP).

They comprised workshops and seminars on a range of current topics, including professional appointments, design team integration, design management (including the role of the BIM manager), the RIBA Plan of Work 2020, and included presentations on China, Australia, Nigeria, Rwanda, UAE, NY and Singapore (many live streamed). Sessions were also run on case studies, interview technique and presentation skills.

The short courses, which covered the Professional Practice, Design Delivery and International Procurement modules, were run by Professor Sarah Lupton and Manos Stellakis.

Many thanks to all contributors for their fascinating seminars and engaging workshops:

Nektarios Fotopoulos (contributor) commented:

‘Such a great experience full of exciting talks by a very interesting group of professionals. It has been an honour to be a small part of the new MDA (Master in Design Administration) of Cardiff University, whose quality is outstanding. Also, it has been inspiring to present and discuss about BIM Management with all of the students (some of which travel across the globe to attend the course) and the other guest lecturers.’

Both the MDA and DPP are now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 session. For all enquiries please contact Professor Sarah Lupton at

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