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Virtual MRI scan for pupils

21 October 2019

Brain Box

A world-leading brain research imaging centre is offering A-level students a virtual MRI scan as part of a new Cardiff University initiative for schools.

The CUBRIC (Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre) VR scan takes pupils through different stages of the scanning process, which is used to provide detailed images of the inside of a body.

The scan, which can take place anywhere using the VR headset provided, is part of a new ‘Brain Box’ activity kit for A-level psychology and biology students, funded by a Wellcome Trust public engagement grant.

Other activities include a dodgy dice game, a colour-confusing psychological challenge and a brain-bamboozling fruit taste test mixing colours and flavours.

Designed by the Schools of Psychology and Pharmacy, the ‘Brain Box’ is based on the University’s hugely successful Brain Games neuroscience outreach activities.

The activities are bilingual and require no training because they are accompanied by a series of videos explaining how to play the games and what the results mean.

Additional resources include YouTube videos covering related topics such as colour perception, brain function and mental health.

Teachers are being given a masterclass on how to use the kits at Cardiff University on Thursday 24 October.

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Our brain scanning facilities are located in the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC).