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Supranational Political Economy Prize 2019

16 August 2019

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Luis' thesis demonstrated the pressures for tax reform created by capital mobility in the European Union and the wider world.

A former doctoral candidate from Cardiff University will receive the 2019 Supranational Political Economy Prize in recognition of his outstanding PhD thesis in the field of economics.

The award, organised by The Department of Economics and Management at the University of Pavia, Italy, is aimed at young scholars engaged in research studies focused on the supranational aspects of economic and political integration.

Dr Luís Andre Pinheiro De Matos, who successfully defended his thesis at Cardiff Business School in 2018, has since secured a post-doctoral research fellowship at Pompeu Fabra University and the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. He is also a research fellow at the Center for Research in Health and Economics.

His thesis, entitled Essays on Fiscal Federalism, was supervised by Professor James Foreman-Peck and investigated the effects of increasing capital mobility and inter-jurisdictional fiscal competition to fiscal policy.

After evaluating a shortlist of three submissions from researchers across Europe, the committee decided that Dr Pinheiro De Matos’ thesis represents an original contribution to scholarship on supranational political economy.

“This award is a very well-deserved recognition of Luis’ achievement in demonstrating, among other things, the pressures for tax reform created by capital mobility in the European Union and the wider world.”

Professor James Foreman-Peck Emeritus Professor

The prestigious prize is accompanied by a financial award of €3,000.

Dr Pinheiro De Matos, said: “It’s an honour to receive the Supranational Political Economy Prize 2019 for my PhD dissertation. I’d like, in particular, to thank my supervisors, Professors James Foreman-Peck and Akos Valentinyi, for their continuous support throughout my PhD studies, as well as my PhD colleagues, faculty and all the staff at Cardiff Business School.

“I’ve immensely enjoyed working in this field of research over the past years and will aim to further develop my ideas around the issues of European integration and tax reform...”

“I believe this body of research can help to bring interesting new insights to policymakers in a period when European countries - and the Union itself - are facing unprecedented challenges.”

Dr Luís Andre Pinheiro De Matos Barcelona Graduate School of Economics

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