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Dr Catherine Wilson to sit on the Welsh Assembly Government's Flood and Coastal Erosion Committee

8 May 2019

Dr Catherine Wilson in the hydraulics laboratory (School of Engineering).

The Welsh Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs, has recently announced the new members of the Welsh Government’s Flood and Coastal Erosion Committee.

Dr Catherine Wilson, affiliated researcher of Cardiff Water Research Institute and Senior Lecturer at the School of Engineering, has been appointed to sit on the Flood and Coastal Erosion Committee for the next three years from April 2019 to 31st March 2022.

Dr Wilson’s research expertise focuses on environmental hydraulics in rivers and estuaries using experimental and modelling approaches. She works on flooding including natural flood management approaches, the impact of riparian forests and managed wood on flows and sediment transport in rivers, and the design of fish-friendly hydropower.

The Committee will advise the Welsh Government on the management of flood and coastal erosion risk in Wales. Members will develop a programme of advisory activities in line with the government’s National Strategy for flood and coastal risk management. This will include raising awareness among communities and preparing them to become resilient to flooding.

AM Lesley Griffiths said: ‘The Committee will play an important role in providing policy, strategy and research advice and ensure we continue to address flood risk and build resilience effectively across Wales.’

Other members of the Committee include representatives from Natural Resources Wales, local authorities and experts from the water industry.

For more information, please check the full story on the Welsh Government website.

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For more information, visit the Water Research Institute website.