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Hillfort in the sand

15 August 2018

Artists Ian Dennis (left), Dylan Sutton (middle) and Paul Evans (right) sculpting the 5m long ‘sand fort’ at Whitmore Bay, Barry Island. Image © Vivian Paul Thomas 2018

Whitmore Bay Beach has seen its fair share of sandcastles, but none quite like this.

The reconstruction of Caerau Iron Age hillfort on Barry’s famous shoreline took place on Saturday, August 11.

Caerau hillfort, which nestles in the communities of Caerau and Ely in South West Cardiff, is one of the city’s most important, but little-known, archaeological sites.

The event was organised by Cardiff University’s CAER Heritage project in partnership with the Guerilla Archaeology Group and with help from the CAER Studio Collective. It is part of a wider drive by academics at the University to raise awareness of the heritage on our doorsteps.

Professor Jacqui Mulville, Head of Archaeology and Conservation and Director of the Guerilla Archaeology Group said: “The Iron Age people built an impressive structure surrounded by ditches and banks – making an amazing statement about their identity.

“Our event brought people together to build a sand-hillfort that pays homage to our prehistoric ancestors. It was also about making friends, having fun and creating something special.”

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