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€4.5m EU governance project underway

2 August 2018

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Two academics from Cardiff Business School are part of an international consortium of researchers, from across Europe, to receive €4.5m in funding to study how Europe is governed.

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The three-and-a-half year project will see Professors Martin Kitchener and Rachel Ashworth work collaboratively with nine partners including universities, municipalities and private companies from six European states; the UK, France, Holland, Denmark, Croatia and Slovenia.

The funding, awarded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, will be used to explore ways in which the public can participate in the governance of public services across Europe, including the use of digital technologies.

Portrait of Professor Martin Kitchener
Professor Kitchener has pioneered a unique public value strategy which seeks to deliver social improvement alongside economic development

Professor Martin Kitchener, Dean of Cardiff Business School, said: “It’s a pleasure to be part of such an ambitious project endorsed by the Horizon 2020 programme...”

“Projects such as this are the cornerstone of our public value strategy. They deliver social as well as economic benefits by tackling the intractable challenges faced by contemporary society.”

Professor Martin Kitchener Professor of Public Sector Management and Policy

“What better way to explore this principle than seeking ways in which citizens can participate in the governance of our public services?”

Important and exciting research

Led by Northumbria University, the research project will examine innovation and creativity in Europe’s cultural and heritage sector, including publicly funded museums and art galleries.

It will investigate how these organisations have responded to contemporary change to not only survive but, in many cases, thrive, despite the challenging climate.

Dean Professor Rachel Ashworth option 2
Professor Rachel Ashworth will become the Dean of Cardiff Business School from September 2018

Professor Rachel Ashworth, Head of Cardiff Business School’s Management, Employment and Organisation section, added: “Martin and I are delighted to have this opportunity to join colleagues from across the EU to work on such an important and exciting research project.”

Work on the project, entitled ‘Understanding the transformation of European public administrations’, began in May.

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