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Don’t be scared to change your life

4 December 2017

 Cardiff School of Social Science
Cardiff School of Social Sciences

Don’t be scared to change your life

Karin Kanias changed her life when she picked up a copy of Choices in 2013 and found the Pathway to Social Science.  Karin’s story will both inspire and motivate you to return to learning (even if you’ve been away from education for many years).

“Having left school after my A-levels, I joined the working world and circumstances dictated that was where I would be for more than 20 years. But, I had always wanted to continue with education and after taking an online test that suggested I should try psychology, I searched for part-time courses and found Choices.

My first course was a six week course in Social Psychology; a baby step back into learning, which gave me a taster of what was expected and hooked me in! I wanted more, and found out about Continuing and Professional Education’s Pathway to Social Science, so I gave it a go and started the course in September 2013.

It was just what I needed, I knew where I wanted to go and this could get me there. It was also a journey I did not have to make alone, I had the full support of all the staff and as the groups were relatively small, it was easy to approach the tutors for help, if needed.

I passed at the end of the first year, allowing me to join the School of Social Sciences in the prestigious Russell Group University. Although I have had a couple of ‘wobbles’ during my learning experience, which, as a mature student, is really to be expected, the support and assistance available have encouraged me to continue and I am so glad they did!

I graduated in July of this year with a BSc Social Science (2:1) and am a graduate member of the British Psychological Society, I have also made friends for life! I have returned to Cardiff University for my postgraduate course, and I hope to graduate again next summer!

My advice to anyone is please don’t be scared to change your life with education, isn’t it more scary to stay where you are for another 20 years? Turn that fear into excitement and take the challenge, you never know where it will take you!”

The next Pathway to Social Science will begin in September 2018.  Details about our wide range of pathways can be found here.

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