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New Pathway to Social Science

21 June 2012

Lifelong Learning opens new route for mature students.

Sharing expertise

21 June 2012

Wales leads the way on advancements in lung cancer treatment.

Sharing their story

21 June 2012

University helps Caerau and Ely community discover their heritage.

Queen’s birthday honours

19 June 2012

Recognition in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Inspire Wales Award

15 June 2012

A University expert in drug discovery has been recognised with an Inspire Wales Award.

Unexpected discovery reveals potential therapeutic target

15 June 2012

An unexpected discovery of how the body controls cell death has revealed a potential new therapeutic target.

Resisting temptation

15 June 2012

New research from psychologists at the Universities of Exeter and Cardiff shows that people can train their brains to become less impulsive, resulting in less risk-taking during gambling.

Deputy Prime Minster delivers Wales Governance Centre Annual Lecture 2012

15 June 2012

The UK Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat Leader has presented his views on the future of Welsh devolution during a lecture in Cardiff this week.

Milliband Speech Raises Issues Related to Cardiff Research

15 June 2012

The report published in January by the Wales Governance Centre, the IPPR, and the Institute of Governance (Edinburgh University) found that following devolution, more people are prioritising their English identity over their British one. It also concluded that politicians needed to address the ‘English Question’ in its own right regardless of what happens about Scottish independence, or risk a major backlash.

Cardiff’s class of 2012

13 June 2012

The University is keen to publicise any interesting or unusual story that lies behind your degree award.