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Wannabe legal eagles get taste of profession

3 July 2012

Pupils from schools in the Cardiff and Swansea valleys will be debating this week with Welsh Government’s chief legal adviser whether Wales should have a separate legal jurisdiction.

The UK national ecosystem assessment, what next?

3 July 2012

Professor Terry Marsden has been appointed a member of the Expert Panel providing advice on the next stage of the UK national ecosystem assessment.

Rural Alliances launched to help rural vibrancy

2 July 2012

Professor Terry Marsden has been appointed to the Policy and Advisory Panel of an exciting new €10million initiative which will benefit rural communities and promote best practice between different EU regions.

New platform for operatic expertise

29 June 2012

Interdisciplinary collaboration launched.

Shale gas extraction review

29 June 2012

Fracking can be undertaken safely if best practice and effective regulation enforced.

Uganda Landslide

29 June 2012

A personal account of this tragic event.

Helping charities succeed

29 June 2012

Cardiff students help develop business ideas.

Oldest known impact crater found

28 June 2012

Cardiff scientist helps uncover collision evidence in Greenland

Driving forward electric vehicle research

27 June 2012

New multidisciplinary centre to help develop further innovation in electric vehicles.

Saving lives at sea

26 June 2012

Improving maritime safety and reducing seafarers’ fatigue.