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MBBCh Year 1 Awards

Congratulations go to all students who have received prizes to recognise their academic achievements on their courses.

Many students are also recognised for their professionalism in dealing with difficult situations, such as helping members of the public or fellow students by developing innovations to support the learning of their peers.

The awards

Certificate of Merit: Year 1

Top 20% of their year group

Hesham Ahmed
Yew Au
Ethan Baker
Lois Bown
Ashley Brice
James Bull
Alaa Cattaeh
Lydia Chapman
Joseph Corlett
Claire Cornmell
Alice Eagles
Max Eatwell
Megan Edwards
Muaad Eghlileb
Ethan Fage
Edward Foster
Rachel Franklin
Lauren Fysh
Andrew Hagen
Jack Harvey
Emily Hilton
Ewein Howes
Manon Hutchings
Grace Hutchinson
Dominic Jarvis
Holly Johns
Tabitha Jones
Siddhanth Kachroo
Oghenevomero Kokoricha
Pooja Kondath
Becky Leveridge
Isabel Marin Gamero
Elen McCloy
Marcelle McDonald-Leslie
Anagha Mridulal
Abbi Mustafa
Shabita Nandy
Thomas Oatley
Josie Osborne
Praveena Pemmasani
Alwin Puthiyakunnel Saji
Morgan Rees
Lara Rowell
Maia Schroder-Lewis
Ella Schumann
Molly Sherriff
Khadeeja Shums
Megan Stawman
Lauren Sweeting
Molly Tavender
Jasmine Templeton
Anna Thomas
Sarah Thompson
Sasangi Wickrama Gunaratne
Liam Yaya
Qifan Yuan
Jiale Zhang

Photo gallery of award winners / nominees

Surgam booklet

Surgam booklet 2022

Celebration of Excellence within the School of Medicine.