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General Practice - 02/04/2019

We are aware of the comments made about General Practice by a member of University staff and the strength of feeling amongst your colleagues that this has generated.

To be absolutely clear: the views expressed do not represent the views of Cardiff University or Cardiff University School of Medicine.

The comments were made in a personal capacity, on a personal social media account. Cardiff University has procedures in place to be able to investigate and act upon complaints received and will review this case on that basis.

Cardiff University is extremely supportive of General Practice both as a profession and as a context for student learning.

The recent curricular changes are based upon the excellent feedback that our medical students give from their GP placements all over Wales. The initiatives in North and West Wales, to actively promote General Practice in rural and underserved communities, demonstrates our commitment to modern Primary Care in Wales.

We are expanding GP placements, recognising the unique and essential contribution of clinical generalism, characterised by managing uncertainty, complexity and multi-morbidity in a patient centred way and skilfully delivered by GPs. We recognise the commitment that you and your colleagues show to enable this teaching particularly in the current recruitment environment and pressures of work that result from this.

Strong primary care is absolutely essential for the NHS to be effective. We believe that Cardiff University, School of Medicine is contributing and will continue to contribute actively with our partners in Welsh Government, Health Boards, Royal College of General Practitioners Wales, General Practitioners Committee Wales, Health Education and Improvement Wales and other Welsh Universities to enhancing the sustainability and quality of this branch of medical practice.

Finally, on behalf of Cardiff University’s School of Medicine, we would like to offer our own personal apology.

We hope this will not have a negative impact on the relationship we have built with GPs over many years. We look forward to working with you and your GP colleagues in the future.

Should you wish to discuss this matter any further, please do not hesitate to make contact.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Ian Weeks signature
Professor Ian Weeks, Acting Head of School
Professor Steve Riley signature
Professor Steve Riley, Dean of Medical Education
Professor Adrian Edwards signature
Professor Adrian Edwards, Professor of General Practice