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Statement on Behalf of St David's Day Group

Collectively the St David's Day Group is appalled by the latest revelations about certain institutions whose qualifications are validated by the University of Wales. This in no way reflects the excellent standard of education provided by universities in Wales.

The changes announced this week by the University of Wales represent a fundamental change to the University's mission and the institution now needs a new title which reflects this considerably changed role - we are no longer able to accept it as the University of Wales.

These latest revelations have brought the once proud history of the University of Wales to a sad conclusion - it is clearly no longer the institution of which four of us we were once proud to be members. We noted the recommendations of the McCormick Independent Review of Higher Education Governance which identified closure as one of the options facing the University of Wales. We believe that the decisions taken this week by the University of Wales, together with the planned merger with Trinity St David's and Swansea Metropolitan Universities have, effectively set out the new agenda for a regional university serving South West Wales and have declared the end of the historic University of Wales. We believe the new University should adopt a new title that properly reflects this new role and business model.

Wales can take pride in the degrees its various universities provide to students studying in Wales. Now is the time to look forward and focus on the needs of learners, employers, communities, and the economy and build strong and successful universities that each serve the needs of their region and Wales more widely.


Note to Editors:
The St David's Day Group is comprised of Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, Glamorgan, and Swansea Universities. The University of Glamorgan was never part of the University of Wales.