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Measles and mumps: advice, treatment and inoculation

Students of Cardiff University have been informed that a student has received a confirmed diagnosis of measles. The University has also confirmed that since last September a small number of mumps cases have been reported.

Guidance from Public Health Wales has been followed to prevent the spread of the infection. The University is working closely with Public Health Wales to provide appropriate support to both staff and students with suspected cases of measles and is supporting a Public Health Wales immunisation of students initiative.

There is no outbreak in Cardiff at the present and the most effective way to stop the spread of the infection is to have as many individuals as possible immunised.

Students have been urged to contact their GP as soon as possible to assess their immunisation status and arrange for an MMR vaccination, if advised by their GP.

Students who suspect they may have contracted measles should also contact their GP immediately by phone in the first instance.

To supplement the service provided by GPs, the University operates a health service which provides advice and guidance on measles and mumps– more information can be found by clicking on the following link.

Advice about measles and mumps can also be obtained by contactingPublic Health Wales.