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Changes to BUCS Rules

Cardiff University believes that all its students should have the option of being able to represent the University at the highest level across the range of sports on offer. We are fully aware of students' views regarding the proposed changes in the BUCS membership: the separate Medical School teams have a long history and are valued by students and alumni who play and have played for the Medics teams. However, we would be concerned about students being excluded from sport, if the Medical School remained a separate BUCS member under the new BUCS rules.

The University works in partnership with the Athletic Union on the delivery of Sport to all students including those studying towards healthcare degrees. This will not change in light of any change to the BUCS rules. The University and Students Union have been working extensively with the clubs impacted by the changes in the BUCS framework ahead of next year. We are making appropriate arrangements in order that medical sport teams have an opportunity to compete in sporting frameworks in the coming years.