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Cardiff University and the University of Wales

Cardiff University is not a member of the University of Wales.

Cardiff University exercises full independent authority for the quality and standards of the degrees it awards to its students.

Cardiff University left the University of Wales in 2005 after having played an important part in its early history but a diminishing role in later years. The University of Wales was founded in 1893 as a federal institution with three foundation colleges - University College Wales (now Aberystwyth University), University College North Wales (now Bangor University) and University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire (now Cardiff University).

As Cardiff University grew in scale, reputation, and independence, it took responsibility for developing its own mechanisms for measuring and maintaining the standards and quality of its learning programmes. Cardiff sought and obtained the ability to award its own taught and research degrees in 1996.

Since 2005, the great majority of students graduating from Cardiff University have been awarded Cardiff University degrees, with the exception of a very small number of students in health related programmes.

Cardiff University alumni, previously awarded degrees by the University of Wales, can be confident in the quality and standards of their qualifications. All University of Wales degrees awarded to Cardiff University students were made long before the current difficulties and we can assure all of our graduates of the academic integrity of their awards.

Every University of Wales degree is managed and overseen by the institution where the student actually studies, so graduates holding a University of Wales degree from Cardiff University can be assured that Cardiff University had ultimate oversight of their award.

Cardiff University is deeply disturbed by the latest revelations about certain institutions whose qualifications are validated by the University of Wales. Such practices have no place in a respected higher education institution.

Cardiff University continues to work hard to achieve our 'world top 100' aim. We are investing to improve our research, our infrastructure, our ability to attract world-class staff and postgraduate students as well as to enhance the student experience and employability of our graduates.