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British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) rule change

Cardiff Medics teams will be able to compete in the BUCS competition next season, thanks to an agreement reached by the University, the Students' Union's Athletic Union, Cardiff Medics and BUCS.

A new regulation will take effect for the 2014/15 season enabling Medic teams to play as distinct, named teams under the University's BUCS registration.  

The new regulation applies to Cardiff Medics rugby; football; netball; men's hockey; and women's hockey.

What's the background to this new regulation?

British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS), the national governing body for higher education sport in the UK decided in June 2011 that a single educational institution should not be able to compete as two separate teams. This meant that the system where Cardiff University and Cardiff Medics enter and compete in BUCS as separate teams could not continue.

BUCS gave universities a choice.  Universities could continue with separate teams for medical and other healthcare students, but if they did so students could only play at the highest level in sports catered for by the Medics clubs. Cardiff University believes that all of its students should have the option of being able to represent the University at the highest level across the range of sports on offer. This first option, for Cardiff, would mean that students who excelled in tennis, swimming, rowing, and dozens of other sports could not represent their institution.  The other choice – the choice that the University took – meant that all students could play in any sport, but that Cardiff Medicals as a separate club could not enter.   The University didn't like the choice, but it was the choice which gave all students a chance to play sport. As a result, the institutional registration for Cardiff University Medics in BUCS was removed.

Throughout the process, the University and Athletic Union have been fully aware of students' views regarding the BUCS rule change. The new regulation recognises the University's commitment to enabling all students to compete and represent the University at the highest level and maintains the long and valued tradition of the Medics teams.

What about the 2013/14 season?

The new regulation enabling Cardiff Medic teams to compete under the University's registration with BUCS will come into effect for the 2014/15 season.

The 2013/14 competition must operate under the current BUCS rules. The University has already committed to helping those Medic teams affected by BUCS' rule change to compete in local league structures and a South Wales inter university sport framework, until the new regulation comes into effect.

Edore Evuarherhe, VP Sports and AU President, Students Union said:"As of the 2014/15 season BUCS will amend their regulations to include the 'Separation' of teams. What separation means is that Cardiff University will enter as a single membership but under that umbrella can designate teams as "Cardiff University Medics" or by any such designation if it wishes to.

"Here in the Students' Union we feel that this is the best possible solution. This answers many of our previous queries and provides us with an opportunity for all 28,000 Cardiff University students to represent Cardiff University and play sports within a BUCS framework if they wished to. And we are glad that it is now coming to a resolution to suit all those affected."