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Allegations of racism - 27/06/2019

“Cardiff University recognises that racial inequality affects people at every level of society.

“We are taking proactive steps to ensure that promoting race equality is central to us as an institution. We recognise there is still more work to be done, working alongside the wider Higher Education sector and society as a whole.

“Some of this work includes facilitating conversations and discussions about race, this will enable us to develop more inclusive environments and we understand that it is essential to listen to the lived experiences of our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students and staff.

“Gathering and analysing the evidence about race inequality will enable us to understand where we are.

“Whilst it would be inappropriate to comment on individual cases, we do take allegations of racism extremely seriously and urge any student to raise complaints via our formal complaints procedure. All allegations are thoroughly investigated and appropriate action is taken.

“We will also continue to work together with our Students’ Union, the Race Equality Steering Group, BME+ Network, academic schools and professional services to ensure that we make real improvements in this area and on the broader issue of race equality in higher education.”