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The age range of the children in this section is 2 to 3 years old.


  • To provide an environment where each child can develop a sense of security, warmth, love and affection
  • To make each child feel valued
  • To provide equal opportunities for each child
  • To offer opportunities for children to be creative
  • To use language to strengthen and provide meaning to all that we do
  • To familiarise children with small group time, singing, looking at books etc.
  • To give the child opportunities to interact with their peers and adults
  • To enable the children to gain a sense of social awareness and knowledge relating to their world

This is one large room mostly carpeted for comfort, with an area to the back for 'messy' play. There are some tables and chairs for group activities.

Children of this age like to know what comes next and learn really quickly to follow routines, gradually adapting to the 'social rules' that go with them. They begin to show characteristics such as leadership and sensitivity.

Foundations are laid for future learning by providing experiences that build children's knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Looking at books, listening to tapes, inviting people to visit provides language development necessary to complement and enrich the children's learning.

Counting rhymes and songs are an enjoyable way of learning how to count, as are activities like sharing toys, sorting dolls clothes and colour matching. Pleasant ways of making learning fun are commonplace in this section.

To promote self reliance and self help skills we encourage the children to help tidy up the toys they have played with. We give the children small tasks within their capabilities, and use praise to recognise and reward what they have done.

Creative activities are available daily and are varied throughout the week. The children will experiment using paints, playdough, sand, water, crayons, chalk and glue. At this age the children will start to indicate what they have painted. Small manipulative skills are developed using appropriate equipment.

This room is sectioned into two. One half is carpeted where the children play, listen to stories and sing. Opportunities for dancing, singing and having fun aim to boost your child's confidence and help develop individual personalities. The other half of the room is for 'messy' play and is where opportunities to be creative are provided through the use of paints, glue, playdough, water sand, crayons, chalks and art and craft work. Children are encouraged to experiment using hands and fingers.