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Ages in this section range from 10 weeks to 2 years.


  • To offer security, warmth, love and affection
  • To meet the basic needs of the individual baby, feeding, changing, sleeping etc
  • To provide a range of stimulating activities focusing on the babies visual, auditory, and tactile development
  • To aid social, physical and emotional development
  • To provide an environment where each child can develop a sense of security, warmth, love and affection
  • To make each child feel valued
  • To provide equal opportunities for each child
  • To offer opportunities for children to be creative while maintaining appropriate protection and supervision
  • To use language to strengthen and provide meaning to all that we do
  • To familiarise children with small group time, singing, looking at books etc

Usually, babies are ready to progress to the next section when they can walk and are emotionally and socially ready to interact with older children and feel secure with them.

Parental wishes are followed as closely as possible in all aspects of their child's needs. Parents are welcome at anytime.

All bottles must be made up and solid food can be brought in. Nursery will provide a lunch, suitably prepared if required, this is charged separately to fees. A change of clothes for the unforeseen will be safely kept on your child's named peg.

The section comprises two adjacent rooms affording the younger babies safety and the older babies freedom to crawl and walk without any hindrance.

Importantly both rooms offer space, comfort and safety. They are set out to encourage full use of all skills in a bright, friendly and caring environment, making full use of a wide selection of toys.

Apart from conventional toys and equipment, we also provide activities with everyday items such as saucepans and spoons, shredded paper and cardboard boxes, sand, water, painting and colouring.

One to one attention is given as often as possible, especially at feeding times and nappy changing.

There is a separate cot room where each baby has an individual, named, cot. This room has a baby monitor constantly operating and the staff also make regular checks.

Children will begin to form friendships, learn to share toys and interact with their peer group. We encourage the children to participate in everyday activities such as helping to tidy up the toys they have played with.

At this age they will begin to recognise objects, pictures and develop an awareness for their likes and dislikes. Through word association, stories, songs and rhyme, we help to develop the child's understanding of the world around them and encourage them to develop their language, knowledge and confidence.