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International Studies

We embrace all facets of international relations and its range of research agendas and approaches.

We seek to understand the workings of global politics through varied agents and structures, state and non-state actors, epistemic communities, interest and resistance groups, legal and transnational institutions, and emerging forms of global governance.

Our expertise centres on pressing and existential global challenges, including environmental degradation, global warming and nuclear proliferation.


We’re proud to include amongst our staff leading scholars in fields such as:

  • intelligence and critical military studies
  • international relations theory, such as realism and post colonialism
  • feminist international relations
  • environmental and nuclear politics
  • Cold War history.

We’re building upon traditional strengths such as international law and international political theory, with a particular emphasis on human rights, social and restorative justice, liberation theory and the global commons.


Our interests reach toward all corners of the world, even as we seek to nurture our Welsh roots. Our strengths in Welsh and British politics (including the Northern Ireland dimension) are complemented by burgeoning expertise in European politics.

Several of our department have active research agendas in Asia (China, Japan), Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

We pride ourselves on being an exceptionally diverse, globally oriented community of scholars who collectively represent the astonishing breadth of international relations and its many subfields.