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Centres and groups

Our research is carried out by a range of centres and groups.


Centre for Community Journalism

Cardiff University’s Centre for Community Journalism offers networking, information and training for hyperlocal or community journalists.

Tom Hopkinson Centre for Media History

The Centre focuses on the evolution of media forms, practices, institutions and audiences within broader processes of societal change.

Coma and Disorders of Consciousness Research Centre

This centre exploring the cultural, ethical, legal and social dimensions of coma, the vegetative state and the minimally conscious state. Learn about the background to our work from the discussion below.


Digital Media and Society Research Group

This research group explores the uses of digital media within a range of social, political and cultural contexts.

Journalism and Democracy Research Group

This group conducts research analysing the professional practices of journalism within the media and communications industries.

Media, Culture and Creativity Research Group

Researching the interlinked areas of media studies, cultural studies and communication studies.

Communication and Human Security Research Group

This group explores the diverse ways in which today’s fast-changing communication environment enters into situations of human (in)security in global context, including atrocity.

Science, Health and the Media Research Group

Researching the key debates about science and health in the media.