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Data Nation Accelerator

The Data Nation Accelerator is a pan-Wales initiative that is being developed to accelerate new insight, foresight and intelligence from diverse data assets for societal, health and economic impact.

Through cocreation across business and other parties, the Wales Data Nation Accelerator seeks to fuel innovation in data and AI for new solutions, products and applications in key industrial clusters and public services, while also enriching the talent pool of skills in Wales for data science and AI.

Working with a range of private, public and third sector organisations, including Welsh Government, The Data Nation Accelerator team across Wales is keen to shape and co-create a programme of most benefit to Wales and beyond. The Data Nation Accelerator will target growth nationally in businesses, investments and skills in data science and digital technology.


The Data Nation Accelerator will focus on the opportunities provided by the unique data assets, capabilities and potential we hold in Wales aligned to the following challenge areas:

  • Public Services Innovation (Intelligence, efficiency, automation, enhanced decision making, advanced problem solving, personalisation)
  • Health and Wellbeing (Precision medicine, diagnostics and interventions, intelligent healthcare systems, social care through AI)
  • Net-zero and the Environment (Energy and transport, environmental management, circular and green economies, housing, agri-tech)
  • Future Manufacturing and Systems (Factory of the future, advanced materials, resilience in supply chains, digital twins, smart manufacturing, agri-tech)
  • Creative and Professional Services (Legal, financial technology, business systems, social media, human centred systems and communication).

Cross cutting themes

  • Data, intelligence and society
  • Safe, secure and ethical AI
  • Workforce and business analytics
  • Machine learning, AI and data science

Contact details

For further information, please contact the team at