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Our innovators

Meet just a few of the people who are working on projects with real impact.

Nicole Ayiomamitou

Nicole Ayiomamitou

A partnership with Panalpina gave Nicole Ayiomamitou the chance to develop an innovative forecasting tool.

Gail Boniface

Gail Boniface

Dr Gail Boniface explains how engaging with Occupational Therapy practitioners has been crucial for her career progression and improved the quality of her research.

Dr Jenna Bowen

Jenna Bowen

Dr Jenna Bowen and her business partners set up Cotton Mouton Diagnostics Ltd, which exploits magnetism to detect disease markers.

Molly Courtenay

Molly Courtenay

Professor Molly Courtenay explains the value of working with industry.

Professor Rachel Errington

Rachel Errington

Professor Rachel Errington talks about her efforts to translate research into improved cancer treatment.

Keith Harding WWIC launch

Keith Harding

A unique career in wound healing has taken Professor Keith Harding to the forefront of clinical innovation.

Photograph of Professor Paul Harper

Paul Harper

Watching patients queue on a hospital ward opened Professor Paul Harper’s eyes to solving problems with numbers.

Professor Graham Hutchings in CCI lab

Graham Hutchings

A scientific breakthrough by Professor Graham Hutchings changed his life forever.

Arwyn Tomos Jones at 2016 Eisteddfod

Arwyn Tomos Jones

Professor Arwyn Tomos Jones explains the value of taking his work to the Welsh public.

Jenny Kidd

Jenny Kidd

Dr Jenny Kidd's research has led to creative collaborations with digital media.

Professor Jenny Kitzinger

Jenny Kitzinger

Professor Jenny Kitzinger’s work examines the treatment of patients with catastrophic brain injuries.

Dawn Mannay

Dawn Mannay

Dr Dawn Mannay explains how creative engagement allowed her research findings to make a bigger impact.

Christopher Marshall

Working across sectors has helped Professor Christopher Marshall to make real impact with his work in nuclear medicine.

Simon Moore

Simon Moore

Professor Simon Moore brought together industry, academia, police, Welsh Government and councils to cut crime on the streets.

Jacqui Mullville

Jacqui Mulville

Dr Jacqui Mulville explains how public engagement creates wide-raging benefits for her work in archaeology.

Simon Murphy

Professor Simon Murphy has established networks for innovations in public health improvement.

George Pearce, MD of IAMP Media, sitting at desk, smiling at camera

George Pearce

George Pearce, Managing Director of IAMP Media, explains how being a Cardiff University graduate was instrumental in his success.

Dr Katherine Shelton

Katherine Shelton

A phone call from a charity for homeless young people lead to a collaboration with Dr Katherine Shelton.

Ian Weeks

Ian Weeks

Professor Ian Weeks' diagnostic innovation improved patient care, made a global impact and launched successful businesses.

David Wyatt

David Wyatt

Dr David Wyatt illustrates how universities make a difference to local communities and improve the lives of young people.

Emma Yhnell

Emma Yhnell

Dr Emma Yhnell has taken her research on Huntington's disease to new audiences.