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George Pearce

George Pearce, MD of IAMP Media, smiling, sitting at desk in front of closed blinds, MacBook open on desk

My entrepreneurial drive came from not liking being told what to do. I like being my own boss and setting my own direction.

I run IAMP Media, a bespoke web and software development company that I started from my spare bedroom in 2013. We are now a team of five full-time staff based out of the Cardiff Business Technology Centre, working with a range of clients - from small businesses through to multi-million pound corporates - all over the world.

I studied physics at Cardiff University from 2010 to 2013. Close to the end of my course I started looking at what I was going to do when I graduated. Building websites and software supported me through university and it seemed like a natural progression.

There was a huge focus throughout our degree on the real world and problem-solving. There was a great deal of support from the University: I had support and I had mentors – people with experience I could ask questions. The University's enterprise support has been instrumental in our success, including advice, mentoring and free office space for a year (though we outgrew it in six months!).

"I think there is a real drive and passion for innovation at the University."

George Pearce Managing Director, IAMP Media

The University is putting innovation at the heart of what it does, which is great for students. It provides them with the support of a huge institution. Running a small business has been and continues to be a huge challenge, but is also one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things I've ever done. With the support available from Cardiff University and the Welsh Government, there's never been a better time to start.

Every business faces challenges. Some are bigger than others, and threaten the business at times. It's important that you persevere and find ways of solving those challenges so they don't threaten your idea, and enable you to continue chasing what you're passionate about.

The moment the idea turns into a business is absolutely terrifying. It's meant to be that way. But it's also a huge amount of fun and it's hugely satisfying.

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