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Archaeology and Conservation Research Seminar Series

Cardiff University's Archaeology and Conservation Research Seminar Series features experts from across the UK.

All of our seminars are free, open to all and take place on Thursdays at 17:00.

Seminars will take place in person in room 2.03, in the John Percival Building. All seminars are available via Zoom.

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Programme Spring 2024

08/02/2024 - In personJohn Hines (Cardiff University)The Justinianic Plague in England: archaeological contexts and consequences
15/02/2024 - In personMaria Pretzler (Swansea University)Trouble on the discipline boundary: Material culture and literary evidence in the Geometric Peloponnese
22/02/2024 - Via ZoomSara Bernardini (University of Bologna)Life-history reconstructions in archaeology: an exploratory methodological proposal by stable isotope analysis and its implications
07/03/2024 - Via ZoomValentin Miclon (University of Caen-Normandy and French National Research Agency)Social Structure and Diet in France during the late Middle Ages: Isotopic and osteological arguments from central France and Normandy
14/03/2024 - In personAntigone Uzunidis (Université de Paris)Neanderthal hunting grounds: The case of Teixoneres Units IIIa-IIIb and Pié Lombard
21/03/2024 - Via ZoomPiotr Wojtal (Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals Polish Academy of Science)The everyday life of mammoth hunters – zooarchaeological studies of mammal remains from the Central European Gravettian sites
25/04/2024 - In personHenry Cosmo Wright Bishop (Cardiff University)Meroë: a Hellenistic kingdom(?)
02/05/2024 - In personEric Tourigny (Newcastle University)To be confirmed