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Seminar programme

As part of our approach to postgraduate research, we run a seminar programme for PhD students each year.

PhD students are expected to present their research to their research groups once a year and gives them the opportunity to present their research material in a sympathetic and constructive forum, outlining their research interests and activities. These seminars can be used by students to sharpen their presentation skills, try out new ideas and develop arguments and hypotheses which guide their research.

The purpose of the seminars is to create a culture of mutual support amongst postgraduates and between students and staff. This support is a central part of the research culture which exists in the school.

Additionally, a series of open seminars is run by the Doctoral Academy. These bring a wide range of academic and professional speakers into the school and foster links with the School of Social Sciences which occupies the Glamorgan Building alongside Planning and Geography.

Our close links with the Royal Town Planning Institute also provide a series of stimulating professional speakers on a wider range of professional planning topics.