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Smoke Free University - Policy and Procedures

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A change to point 3.2 where a shelter designated for smoking has been provided within the grounds of residences.
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1. Introduction

1.1. Cardiff University recognises the right of all staff and students to work in a smoke free environment and has operated a policy of no smoking within its academic and administrative buildings for many years. The university is committed to promoting health and welfare, and, as a good employer, wishes to create a high quality, healthy, and safe working environment for staff, students and visitors. It must, therefore, ensure that everyone is protected from the dangers of smoke in work and rest areas.[1]

1.2. With effect from the 2nd April 2007 new legislation in relation to the Smoke Free Premises Act came into force within Wales and smoking became illegal in certain wholly or substantially enclosed public places within Wales. It became an offence to smoke in no smoking premises or to knowingly permit smoking in no smoking premises. Vehicles used for business purposes are also covered by the law. Owners of premises and individuals will have to pay substantial statutory fines if this legislation is breached. The university is responsible for monitoring adherence to this policy, and has prime responsibility for ensuring compliance with the law.

1.3. The University has revised its policy to protect all members of the university from the harmful effects of passive smoke and ensure that everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities in relation to the smoking free university.

1.4. The policy applies to all staff, students, visitors and contractors and will be applied fairly and uniformly throughout the university.

1.5. All members of the university will be required to comply with other organisations smoking policies and procedures when undertaking university business on their premises.

1.6. There are currently no authoritative studies which have been conducted into the possible harmful effects of the vapours produced by e-cigarettes. The British Medical Association believe that the vapours may include propylene glycol, glycerine and flavouring substances, not to mention traces of nicotine (inevitable given that the use of these devices entails inhaling nicotine and exhaling a vapour). It is not at all clear whether, and to what extent, there is still a risk of harm from ‘passive smoking’ of these vapours. The BMA is concerned that the use of e-cigarettes may undermine current restrictions on smoking and are pressing Government to extend the smoke-free legislation to include the use of e-cigarettes. In the meantime, they are encouraging employers to impose bans on their use in the workplace and in light of this the university prohibits the use of e-cigarettes on campus. The charging of e-cigarettes on campus is prohibited.

2. Support for Smoking Cessation

2.1. The university is committed to supporting anyone who wishes to stop smoking and therefore the policy aims to help and motivate smokers to give up smoking if they so wish.

2.2. Support is available to both members of staff and students wishing to give up smoking. Those who wish to seek help and support are encouraged in the first instance to contact the health centre. Support may be offered in the form of smoking cessation programs from external agencies. Further local helpline telephone numbers are available in confidence from Occupational Health.

2.3. Alternatively, members of staff and students may wish to contact the organisations shown in Appendix 1.

3. Smoke Free Areas

3.1. The university is committed to making its premises completely smoking free for the protection of all of its staff and students. Smoking is not permitted in or on any university premises. This includes all communal work areas, individual rooms, stairwells, lifts, rest areas, toilets, car parks and grounds. Smoking is also prohibited within vehicles owned or operated by the university or vehicles hired or leased for university business.

3.2. Student Residences
With effect from the 2 April 2007 all communal areas within the university's residences will be required by law to be non-smoking. With effect from this date there will be no smoking allowed on any part of the university's residences including all private rooms, bars, communal areas. However while smoking is prohibited within the grounds smoking is accepted in the designated smoking shelters within the grounds.

3.3. U niversity Union Building
This Building is subject to a separate policy on smoking introduced by the Cardiff Students Union

4. Signage

4.1. Appropriate 'No smoking' signs will be displayed clearly at the entrance of all university buildings.

5. Students

5.1. As members of the university community, students are required to follow this policy while living or working on university premises. Where infringements of university policy with regard to smoking occur, the relevant student disciplinary procedure will be invoked.

6. Procedures

6.1. Heads of School/Directorate, Managers and Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that staff, students, visitors and, where applicable, contractors are made aware of this policy and that they comply with its requirements.

6.2. Compliance with the legislation and the university's policy must be managed on a local basis. Those responsible for designated areas and groups are required to co-operate in implementing the policy in the area for which they have responsibility.

6.3. Staff who wish to smoke during the working day may do so only during designated breaks, i.e. an official agreed rest period and away from university premises, such as the lunch break.

6.4. People smoking in prohibited areas, as outlined in point 3 above, should be asked politely to stop and advised that they are breaching university policy.

6.5. A refusal to stop is unacceptable and should be reported to your Head of School/Directorate or their nominee or where appropriate the Building or Residences Manager. It is the responsibility of the Head of School/Directorate to take action, taking advice from the appropriate university Directorate as necessary.

6.6. Failure to conform to the requirements of the policy by smoking on university premises or refusing to stop when requested constitutes a disciplinary offence for staff and students. In the first instance a breach of the policy will be dealt with through education and support. A further infringement may result in formal disciplinary action and ultimately could lead to dismissal and expulsion for students.

Contractors or visitors breaching the code should be requested to cease smoking on the premises. A contractor or visitor who refuses to stop smoking should be required to leave the premises.

[1] Tobacco smoke is classified as a Group A carcinogen a substance known to cause cancer in humans and for which there is no recognised safe level of exposure. Passive smoking is a known cause of disease and people who do not smoke tobacco products have an enhanced risk of contracting lung cancer if they are exposed to environmental tobacco smoke.

Appendix 1: Support for the cessation of smoking

The following sources of support are available for smokers who want to stop:

  • Smokers Helpline Wales: 0800 169 0169. Provides advice and self help materials.
  • Stop Smoking Wales: 0800 085 2219. Free local service providing cessation support and counselling.
  • NHS Direct
  • NHS Helpline
    Tel: 0800 169 0 169
    Urdu: 0800 169 0 881
    Punjabi: 0800 169 0 882
    Hindi: 0800 169 0 883
    Gujarati: 0800 169 0 884
    Bengali: 0800 169 0 885
  • ASH (Action on Smoking and Health)
  • QUIT
    Tel: 0800 00 22 00
    Bengali (Monday): 0800 0022 44
    Hindi (Wednesday): 0800 0022 66
    Punjabi (Thursday): 0800 00 22 77
    Turkish/Kurdish (Thursday and Sunday): 0800 002299
    Urdu (Sunday): 0800 0022 88
    Arabic (Saturday): 08001691300
    Gujarati (Tuesday): 0800002255
  • British Heart Foundation — Smoking
  • National No Smoking Day

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