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Technician Commitment action plan 2020-23

We continue to support the Technician Commitment which aims to ensure visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians. Having published the last action plan in 2018, we have renewed our commitment to undertake a programme of work between 2020 and 2023 in support of the Commitment which will include:

  • the development and implementation of a career path for all technical staff
  • promotion internally and externally of technical staff achievements and the understanding of the breadth of technical roles
  • promotion of professional registration across all disciplines
  • greater alignment with institutional work underway in the research, education and staff and student experience.

Planned action/objective



Support actions


Develop and agree an action plan for 2020 - 2023

Articulate institutional commitment

Visibility and sustainability

End of November 2020

Consult Technical Staff on Action Plan

Communication plan - post agreed Action Plan on our website and and intranet (For Technicians pages)

Communicate institution wide (Blas, Technet)

Technician Commitment Working Group

Provide return based on activity 2018/2020

Evaluating impact

11 December 2020


Institutional Lead (CMH)

Technical roles and technical staff identified


End of January 2021

Reporting facility established

Contact structures/mailing lists established

OSD Manager/HR BP Operations

Proposal for Technical staff Career Pathway complete and agreed

Visibility, development, sustainability

End of January 2021


HRBP Policy/Career Pathway Sub-Group


End of December 2022

  • Established grade structure (1 – Senior Staff)
  • Job descriptions reviewed and revised
  • Development structures (skills &   experience by career stage) agreed and established
  • Communication plan
  • Development provision (training, secondment   and mentoring schemes planned and accessible)

Engagement plan (local schools/colleges, Careers Services, Universities etc) established and operational

Visibility and sustainability

End of December 2021


Technician Commitment Working Group

Alignment of Technical Commitment activity with institutional ambitions in respect of education and research, student and staff experience

Visibility and sustainability

End of December 2021

  • Identify relevant working groups and   individuals
  • Develop appropriate mechanisms to link work of   TC with those groups (and vice versa)

OSD Manager with Technician Commitment Working Group

Professional registration reportable

Recognition and  Development

End of December 2021

  • Establish current picture
  • Records created
  • Awareness raising
  • Reporting structures created

OSD Manager with Technician Commitment Working Group

Technical Apprenticeships in place

Development and Sustainability

End of December 2022


OSD Manager

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Document title:Technician Commitment action plan 2020-23
Version number:1
Effective date:10 December 2020