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Dr Nick Courtier

Uwch-Ddarlithydd: Radiotherapi

Ysgol y Gwyddorau Gofal Iechyd

+44 (0)29 206 87566
13eg llawr, Tŷ Eastgate, Prifysgol Caerdydd, Heol Casnewydd, Caerdydd CF24 0AB
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Research Interests

My research centres on the toxicities associated with radiotherapy treatment. A specific focus is the neuro-behavioural symptoms, such as fatigue, depression and cognitive dysfunction, as experienced by patients with early breast cancer. This work has followed a staged approach that has considered symptom aetiology, prediction and ultimately amelioration. The research methods used to reflect these aims have moved from quantitative observational techniques to experimental testing.

A further research activity aims to improve the quality of survivorship for teenagers and young adults after treatment for cancer. The broad aim is to record appropriate patient-reported outcomes and experiences with the potential to evaluate current teenage care pathways and identify models of aftercare that support normative psycho-social functioning.


I graduated in 2006 from Cardiff University with first class honours in Radiotherapy and Oncology. I continued my studies at the School of Healthcare Studies, Cardiff University, for a PhD looking at radiotherapy-related fatigue (2006$acirc;  2010). During this time I worked clinically one-day-a-week in clinical practice.

From 2010 I have been employed by the department of Radiography as a research assistant. My current research extends of my doctoral work , considering the amelioration of radiotherapy-related fatigue and adverse psychosocial outcomes associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment.














My PhD work was looking at aetiological mechanisms that underlie fatigue in patients with breast cancer undergoing radiotherapy, as a precursor to developing a model that predicts those most at risk from this debilitating symptom. Investigations centred on a postulated inflammatory response via the induction and release of pro-inflammatory cytokines at the biochemical level and associated adaptations at the behavioural level.

I am currently applying for funding to conduct a Phase II trial with the aim of optimising the delivery of a psychological intervention to attenuate fatigue.

Grant funding

  • Society & College of Radiographers Project Grant. Acute fatigue in a breast radiotherapy cohort and its relationship to irradiated volumes, body mass index and biological factors: towards a predictive model. ( £5000) (May 2007)
  • Research Capacity Building Collaboration Wales PhD studentship. Fatigue during radiotherapy for early-stage breast cancer and its relationship to irradiated volumes, IL-6sR and anxiety and depression: towards a prognostic model ( £60, 000 over 3 years) (June 2006)