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 Dr Craig Gurney

Dr Craig Gurney


Craig has more than 25 years’ experience of teaching in Higher Education. He is a sociologist with an interest in health promotion policies, social exclusion, housing consumption and research methodology. He was a national runner up in the 2017 Learning and Work Institute (Wales) Inspire! Tutor Awards, has twice been nominated for a Cardiff University Enriching Student Life Award and received a Cardiff University Outstanding Contribution Award for his teaching in 2015.


1991-1996. Lecturer in Urban Sociology. School of Urban and Regional Studies, Sheffield Hallam University

1996-2014. Lecturer in Housing. School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University

2014- University Teacher. School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University.

2017- Tutor. School of Continuing and Professional Education, Cardiff University.

He has written extensively on the sociology of housing and is an editorial advisory board member for two refereed academic journals: Housing, Theory and Society and Home Cultures.

Influential publications include:

Gurney, C. M. (1999) Pride and prejudice: discourses of normalisation in public and private accounts of home ownership. Housing Studies 14 (2): 163-183.

Gurney, C. M. (2000) Transgressing public/private boundaries in the home: a sociological analysis of the coital noise taboo. Venereology 13 (2): 39-46.

Gurney, C. M. (2000) Accommodating bodies: the organisation of corporeal dirt in the embodied home. In: L. McKie and N. Watson (eds.) Organising bodies: institutions, policy and work. Basingstoke: Macmillan. (55-78).

Gurney, C. M. and Means, R. (1993) The Meaning of Home in Later Life. In S. Arber and M. Evandrou (eds.) Ageing, Independence and the Life Course. London: Jessica Kingsley. (119-131).


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