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I am a research student with a particular interest in the Roman Republic. My research focuses on Roman Religion and the use of mythological ancestry and divine decent throughout the period, specifically by Aristocracy and the Gentes, in order to forge ahead in the political sphere of the Republic.

I received my BA in Ancient History at Cardiff University (2012-2015) as well as my MA in the History and Archaeology of the Greek and Roman World (2016). As part of my MA study I completed an extended research topic on the Rex Sacrorum at the British School at Rome.

Throughout my MA I was awarded a Cardiff University Master’s Excellency Scholarship.


Diddordebau ymchwil

As well as my research into Divine Decent and Mythological Ancestry my research interests vary. 

In particular they are:

  • Roman Religion

  • Roman Kingship

  • The Rex Sacrorum

  • Mythology and Memory

Traethawd ymchwil

Mythological Ancestry and the Roman Gentes

The Gens was a central part of Roman political life, adding legitimacy to any political figure’s standing in the eyes of the public throughout the Republic. With the expansion of political and religious offices being opened up to Plebeian Gens, throughout the early and middle Republic, came competition. As a result we see a clear development in the use of myth by the gentes in order to attempt to establish legitimacy over others. By analysing the methods in which the history of the Gens was commemorated by its members throughout the Republic through visual media- family tombs, numismatics and public architecture- I hope to show that far from a Hellenistic import there was a deep history of mythological ancestry and divine decent within Rome itself.