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Central to the Institute’s operating model is that research should start with a focus on understanding the problems themselves, exploring how and why crime and security problems arise and providing novel solutions for them.

Our research is positioned around four main research themes, reflecting the established expertise of the academic research team:

  • behaviour change
  • data to decision
  • prevention and protection
  • neighbourhood to national security.

In engaging with these themes, the Institute seeks to develop and utilise innovative methods that are able to shine new light on the particular issues that arise. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach will allow us to develop new insights, evidence and knowledge about these issues.

Our Research Institute will act as both an incubator for existing research activity and collaborations and as an accelerator for those emerging within our research areas. We have identified a number of problems within our research themes which would benefit from additional study.

While sustaining existing areas of excellence we see opportunities for growth in researching the following issues:

  • evidence-based approaches to offender management and rehabilitation
  • longitudinal studies of the Cardiff region in terms of urban security governance
  • new methodologies for gauging and understanding the impacts of crime and risks
  • criminal histories and the role of historic crime cases and how they question our notions of justice
  • applications of new predictive and visualisation technologies across a range of security environments.

Identifying security problems and addressing them with practical, well-researched solutions will support our overarching aim of reducing crime and increasing security, having impact on everyday communities as well as upon policy and practice.

The Institute brings together experts from social science, public health, computer science, psychology, law, forensic linguistics, maths, engineering, architecture and business with a common aim - to solve existing and emerging problems using a range of interdisciplinary methodologies.